A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2559

The Ikh Demon Emperor got up and stood next to Kai, showing some excitement!

“Hall Master, I have waited for you for many years in agony, and I never thought you would really appear.”

The Ikh Demon Emperor said excitedly!

“That …… that Ikh Demon Emperor, right?”

Kai’s mind was a bit spinning at this point!

A beast demon emperor was actually one of his own men, a demon emperor city, a hall of his own Heavenly Dragon Hall, so what else did he have to fear in the Celestial Human Realm?

Kai had never imagined that there would be a Heavenly Dragon Hall cousin in the Celestial Human Realm, and he was becoming more and more interested in his father whom he had never met.

He wanted to know what kind of person his father was that he could create a sect like the Heavenly Dragon Hall!

He knew that the Heavenly Dragon Hall had 13 sects, but only seven of them had appeared, and they had already reached the Celestial Realm, and there were still several sects that had not yet appeared.

Thinking of this, Kai was inwardly excited, then he would be able to rule over the Immortals!

“Hall Master, you can just call my subordinate Yih ……”

“I must not call myself Emperor in front of the Hall Master!”

Ihyuk said in a humble manner!

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll still call you Yih Demon Emperor, I don’t want others to know my identity as the Heavenly Dragon Hall’s Hall Master either, you can just address me as Mr. Chen!”

Kai said!

“My subordinate understands!” The Ikh Demon Emperor nodded his head!

“I don’t know much about this beast race of yours, can you tell me about it? Is it true that all the beast races in the Celestial Human Realm are under your jurisdiction?”

Kai asked to the Ichthus Demon Emperor!

After hearing this, Ihe Demon Emperor smiled awkwardly and said, “Hall Master, there are three emperors and four kings among the demon beast groups in the Celestial Human Realm, each with their own territories and cities, I can only govern the beast groups in my area, as for the beast groups elsewhere, I am not capable of governing and driving them.”

When Kai heard this, he was stunned, he didn’t expect that a small beast tribe would be divided into so many, just like the major human sects!

“Then wouldn’t your beast race be the same as humans, also divided into various sects?”

Kai asked.

“It’s the same, we beast clans also have fights with each other and also hold various competitions regularly to compete for resources for our respective imperial cities, there is no difference following humans!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor said with a helpless smile!

“It seems that whether it’s a demon cultivator or a demon cultivator, all of them can’t get rid of their greed and their desire for strength!”

“You’ve been in the Celestial Realm for a long time, tell me properly what the situation is in the Celestial Realm now?”

Kai asked Yih Demon Emperor to tell him about the Celestial Human Realm, now Kai still had no idea about it!

He only knew that there were humans, demons and devils in the Celestial Human Realm, but he didn’t know anything about the situation of each of them!

“Hall Master, aren’t you from the Celestial Human Realm?”

Hearing Kai’s words, Demon Emperor Yih was slightly surprised as he asked.

Kai shook his head “I come from the Secular Realm, I don’t know much about the Celestial Realm ……”

Kai then briefly told Emperor Yih’s demon about his experience!

For the halls under his own Heavenly Dragon Hall, Kai had absolute trust, and every hall that appeared was loyal to Kai, and could even die for him without hesitation!

So Kai also told Demon Emperor Yih without hiding that he was seriously injured and had not recovered his strength!

“No wonder I noticed that the Hall Master’s aura was not right as soon as I entered, I didn’t expect you to survive even though you were so badly injured!”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor was also shocked as he listened to what Kai had to say!

“It’s probably because I’m lucky.” Kai smiled to himself and then asked, “Let me ask you, with your current strength and your entire Demon Emperor City, what level do you belong to in the Celestial Human Realm, and can you be invincible?”


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