A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2558

At this moment in Kai’s room, Princess Isha was also there and Kai looked a little nervous!

Whether it was Princess Isha or that Elder Pei or that Huben, they were all highly powerful, and the strength of that Demon Emperor was even more needless to say!

Kai didn’t know what kind of character this demon emperor had, and given his current situation, if that demon emperor wanted to kill him, Kai was afraid that he wouldn’t even be able to defend himself!

Princess Isha saw Kai’s nervousness and said comfortingly, “You don’t have to be afraid, my father is very easy-going and has a good personality, you will know when you meet him!”

“But my father hates people lying to him, just tell him the truth when you meet him!”

Kai nodded, though he was still apprehensive inside.

Soon, the door to the room was pushed open, and Elder Pei arrived with Demon Emperor Yih!

“Father …………”

Seeing Yih’s Demon Emperor, Princess Isha hurriedly came forward and said “Father, this is the man I asked you to meet, his name is Kai ……”

Emperor Yih did not say anything because he had felt the strange aura of a divine beast in the room when he was outside!

I say peculiar because not only did he feel the aura of the power of the divine dragon, he even felt the aura of the divine beast phoenix, these two auras appearing in one person at the same time made Ichabod Demon Emperor very puzzled!

So as soon as he entered, the Ikh Demon Emperor placed his eyes on Kai!

And as Kai felt the gaze of the Ichthus Demon Emperor, although he was inwardly apprehensive, he did not look away and followed the Ichthus Demon Emperor with all eyes!

Kai was willing to give up now, the big deal was to die, even if he was afraid, it wouldn’t change anything at all!

After staring at Kai for a moment, Emperor Yih’s gaze began to move downwards, slowly sweeping over Kai’s entire body!

But when Emperor Yih’s gaze landed on the Heavenly Dragon Ring on Kai’s hand, his entire face suddenly changed and his body trembled!

“Father, what’s wrong with you?”

“Demon Emperor, are you alright?”

Princess Isha and Elder Pei all saw the changes in Demon Emperor Yih’s body and rushed forward to ask!

Demon Emperor Yih took a deep breath to control his trembling body, and then said, “You two go out, I have something to say to this man!”

“Father, I brought him with me, I just want you to see why he has the aura of our beast race on him, you can’t kill him ……”

Princess Isha was afraid that if she went out, the Ikh Demon Emperor would make a move on Kai and kill him!

“Go out ……”

The Ikh Demon Emperor spat out two words in a stern voice!

Princess Isha froze and her entire body froze, because the Ikh Demon Emperor had never spoken to her in such a tone before!

“Princess, let’s go out ……”

Elder Pei didn’t understand what was wrong with the Ichthus Demon Emperor, but he pulled Princess Isha out anyway!

Right after Princess Isha and Elder Pei went out, the Ichthus Demon Emperor flicked his palm and a curtain of light instantly closed the doors and windows in the room!

When Kai saw this, his heart sank violently, he didn’t know what this Ichthus Demon Emperor was going to do to himself!

But no matter what he did, Kai’s current strength did not even allow him the ability to fight back!

But just as Kai was preparing for the worst, the Ichthus Demon Emperor suddenly fell to his knees in front of Kai!

“Hall Master is above, my subordinate, Yi He, welcomes Hall Master ……”

Demon Emperor Yih heavily kowtowed in front of Kai!

At this, Kai instantly froze, but quickly reacted, this Ikh Demon Emperor was also a member of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, and this Ikh Imperial City was the hall of the Heavenly Dragon Hall!

But such a bully, such a large hall, made Kai somewhat unexpected, he had never thought that the hall of the Heavenly Dragon Hall would have a city.

“You …… you get up …………”

Kai was unable to adapt for a while, and stumbled to let the Ichthus Demon Emperor get up.


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