A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2557

Patriarch Hu nodded, then stepped forward and just looked at the girl, before nudging her forehead three times with his hand!

“This woman has been ill for so long that it has entered her bones, and her body is too weak, I need to nourish her with medicine, and when she has recovered, I will use fierce medicine to get rid of the root of the illness!”

Patriarch Hu said slowly!

“Patriarch Hu, so it seems that you can save?”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor said with a slight shock!

“That’s natural, if I couldn’t save it, why would I make a trip with you!”

Patriarch Hu said with a confident expression!

Seeing Patriarch Hu’s confident look, Elder Pei knew that his daughter was saved, so he hurriedly knelt down and said “Patriarch Hu can save my daughter, please accept my obeisance ……”

The elder Pei was an elder of the imperial city, his status naturally went without saying, but after kneeling down to that Patriarch Hu, that Patriarch Hu didn’t even look at him, but looked at the Ichthus Demon Emperor and said “Demon Emperor, I can cure the disease, but don’t forget what you promised me!”

“Sovereign Hu, don’t worry, as long as you cure Elder Pei’s daughter, you can step into my Imperial City territory as you please, and as long as the spiritual trees and immortal herbs in my Imperial City territory, you can also pick them as you please!”

“And the hundred beast pills, I will also offer them with both hands ……”

Hearing the Ichthus Demon Emperor say this, Patriarch Hu nodded in satisfaction and said, “Good then, find me a secluded courtyard now, I want to refine some nourishing pills for my body, after seven days this woman’s illness will be cured!”

“Someone, take Patriarch Hu to the courtyard in the back garden, no one is allowed to disturb Patriarch Hu without his summons!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor ordered loudly!

Soon Patriarch Hu was led to the back garden, while Elder Pei knelt on the ground with a grateful face and kept kowtowing to Demon Emperor Yih!

He didn’t expect that Emperor Yih Demon would agree to such a harsh request in order to bring this Patriarch Hu here!

One must know that for them, the concept of territory was very heavy, and no one else was allowed to enter their territory without permission!

Not even if they were of their own kind, if a beast race from another territory ran into the Ikh Demon Emperor’s territory, they would be driven away or put to death!

And now the Ikh Demon Emperor had even promised Patriarch Hu that he would allow them to enter and leave his territory at will, and even send a hundred beast pills, which made Elder Pei not even know how to thank the Ikh Demon Emperor!

“Demon Emperor, I swear to serve the Demon Emperor to the death from now on!”

Elder Pei’s head thumped on the ground!

“Elder Pei, you have followed me for many years, your daughter is no different from my daughter, get up quickly!”

Demon Emperor Yih picked Elder Pei up!

Just then, a guard came to report that Princess Isha had sent someone to invite the Demon Emperor!

“This girl, she doesn’t even know to let me rest, what the hell is so important, yelling that she has to ask me to go!”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor said with great discontent!

“Demon Emperor, the princess has brought back a person from outside and wants to ask the Demon Emperor to meet her.”

Elder Pei said!

“Asking me to meet someone? It couldn’t be the human lad this girl has taken a fancy to, could it? I told him a long time ago that humans and beasts are different and we can’t marry humans, but she just didn’t listen!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor sighed, feeling helpless at the fact that Princess Isha only liked humans!

“Demon Emperor, the human that the princess brought back this time is a bit strange, because this person actually has the aura of a divine beast on him, it is very likely that this person is the product of the union between the human race and our beast race!”

Elder Pei hurriedly said!

“What? There’s still such a thing? Quickly take me to see …………”

When the Ichthus Demon Emperor heard this, he was instantly interested, he had never seen this kind of person who had both human and beast breath.

Elder Pei took Yih Demon Emperor and headed towards Kai’s residence!


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