A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2555

Only this explanation from Kai was also a bit far-fetched, and Isha’s face still held a bit of disbelief!

“Princess, the books within this collection are all written in our beast clan’s script, which humans cannot read.”

At this moment, Elder Pei at the side whispered a reminder!

Hearing Elder Pei’s words, Princess Isha was suddenly enlightened and said with a faint smile “I believe you have no intention of entering, go back to rest quickly and don’t walk around freely!”

“Thank you, Princess!”

Kai nodded and then went back!

Huben looked at Kai’s back, his face full of anger.

“Princess, this guy is not a good person at first glance, now that humans are deceitful and doing bad things, you can’t be following humans so close!”

Huben said to Princess Isha!

Princess Isha frowned and said with her eyes fixed, “Huben, are you lecturing me?”

“Huben wouldn’t dare ……” Feeling the anger from Princess Isha, Huben lowered his head!

“Mind your own identity!”

Princess Isha had a grim look on her face “Take your men away ……”

Without another word, Huben took his guards and left!

“Princess, although that Kai does not seem to be strong and is not a threat to our Demon Emperor City, I still think it is better not to let him stay here for long!”

After Huben had left, Elder Pei said to Princess Isha!

“En, when Father returns, after meeting him, I will send him away!”

“I just don’t know if Father will be back tomorrow, he left in such a hurry, is it something important?”

Princess Isha said with a nod.

“Princess, the demon emperor has gone out of town to help the old minister’s daughter to ask for a famous doctor, he will be able to return tomorrow.”

Elder Pei said!

When Princess Isha heard this, she froze for a moment, then smiled slightly and said “En, Elder Pei should rest early, and you should not worry anymore.”

“Since Father has personally taken the initiative, I’m sure we will be able to find a highly skilled medicine man to cure your daughter.”

Princess Isha said to Elder Pei.

“The kindness that the Demon Emperor and the Princess have shown to my elder, I will never forget it ……”

Elder Pei’s eyes began to moisten!

His own daughter was strangely ill and had been bedridden, and he had sought out several medicine men, but none of them had been able to cure her!

Now that the Demon Emperor had personally gone out to invite a medicine master, this made Elder Pei very grateful!

But Princess Isha did not leave, instead she turned her head to the side and said in a slightly angry voice “Come out, I trusted you and let you leave, but I didn’t expect you to return?”

After Princess Isha finished her words, in the dark corner, Kai’s figure slowly came out, embarrassment written all over his face!

Just now Kai had indeed left, only that his inner curiosity about the beast race had caused him to sneak back again!

Kai had read a book of the demon race, and what was written in the book sort of opened up something unknown to Kai, but what was written in this book was only the tip of the iceberg of the beast race!

Kai still wanted to know more, so he came back to read more books again, but he didn’t expect to be discovered by Princess Isha!

“Princess Isha, I am just curious about your beast race and want to learn more about it, I mean no harm.”

Kai said very sincerely!

When he was in the secular world, all that Kai had encountered were demonic beasts that had not yet transformed, and there was no beast culture to speak of!

But here, the beasts had their own culture and thoughts, just like the humans, and had built their own cities, which made Kai have a burning desire to understand the beasts!

“I don’t care if you’re really curious, or if you have other plans, if I see you coming out of the room again, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Princess Isha’s eyes began to take on a murderous intent!


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