A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2554

You know this is the Demon Emperor City, the land of the beast race, and even if Kai, a human, was led in, he even sneaked into the Book Depository in the middle of the night!

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m just ……”

Kai saw Huben and tried to explain to him, but before he could finish his words, Huben slashed towards Kai!

Kai had no choice but to throw the book towards Huben and flash his body to try to escape!

“You still want to run, if I let you escape, then this great general of my guards will have a vain name.”

When Huben saw that Kai still wanted to escape, he roared in anger and swung his sword towards Kai again!

Tiger Ben had an inner prejudice against Kai, he didn’t like humans very much and thought they were too deep-rooted!

But Princess Isha had a crush on humans and always wanted to find a human husband!

It was only because beasts and humans were not allowed to marry that Princess Isha restrained herself!

But today, when Huben saw Princess Isha with Kai, the two of them walking side by side, talking and laughing, Huben was furious!

So now that Huben found out that Kai had stolen into the library and was looking through the books there, he found an excuse to deal with Kai!

Huben was very ruthless and had the intention of putting Kai to death!

Kai had not fully recovered his strength and was no match for Huben, so when he saw that Huben had struck in anger and with a killing move, Kai could only rely on his nimble body to dodge!

Swish …………

The cold blade of Huben’s sword cut at Kai’s door, and the cold blade with a cold aura drove straight to Kai!

Kai tried to dodge, but this time Huben’s speed was so fast that Kai could not dodge at all!

Seeing this, Kai could only clench his teeth and his body glowed with a golden light.

Clang …………

Kai set up his hands and directly blocked Huben’s slash.

But the tremendous force caused Kai to fall out instantly, falling heavily to the ground, and his imperishable golden body shattered instantly, dissipating in a burst of golden light!

Blood spilled from the corners of Kai’s mouth, the difference in strength between him and Huben was so great that even with the protection of his imperishable golden body, Kai was still injured!

“I didn’t expect you, a tiny human, to have a golden armour to protect your body, it seems you are not a simple person, you must have come to our Demon Emperor City with an agenda!”

“I’ll kill you today, see how else you can plot against our Demon Emperor City ……”

Huben said and slashed at Kai!

Kai could only close his eyes helplessly as he faced Huben’s sharp slash, knowing that there was no way he could resist the slash any longer!

But just as Huben’s slash was about to strike Kai, a light suddenly flashed up and struck Huben’s slash instantly!

Huben’s body shook and he took a few steps back!

“Huben, how dare you strike at my invited guest?”

Only to see Princess Isha walking over in a rage, and beside Princess Isha followed that Elder Pei!

It was Elder Pei who had just saved Kai with his hand!

“Kai, are you alright?”

Princess Isha stepped forward and helped Kai up!

Kai gave a bitter smile, then shook his head!

Kai was helpless inside at the moment, if he hadn’t recovered his strength, how could he have been in such a mess under this Huben!

“Princess, this kid sneaked into the Demon Emperor’s book collection pavilion and I caught him straight away, he was sneaking around looking at the Demon Emperor’s book collection.”

“I’ve long said that humans are insidious and cunning, they are not worth trusting at all, this brat is definitely up to something when he sneaks into the Demon Emperor’s collection!”

Huben said loudly to Princess Isha!

Upon hearing this, Princess Isha looked at Kai with some surprise, her eyes filled with questions.

“Princess Isha, I was just too bored inside my room and casually came out for a walk, so I walked here and looked at the books inside!”

“I came here, and you brought me here by force, what do you think I would have intended?”

Kai could only explain after Princess Isha!


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