A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2553

“Perhaps you don’t know that we beasts are not allowed to follow humans in marriage, and even if we did, there is no way to have children.”

“There are quite a few of us in this Demon Emperor City who have followed humans into a relationship, but in the end, none of them have been able to have children as a pair!”

“So for so long, we have thought that following a human union is something that goes against the will of Heaven, and that is why we suffer the wrath of Heaven and cannot have children!”

“But after seeing you, I especially want to know how you were born and why your parents don’t suffer the wrath of heaven.”

Princess Isha explained carefully!

Kai was dumbfounded at hearing this, he never knew that there was such a rule that the beast race could not follow humans in marriage!

What was the situation that they could not have children after the marriage?

So he and the fire phoenix had already united, were the two of them considered to be going against the will of heaven?

“Princess Isha, your question, I really can’t explain it to you, because I don’t know exactly what my own situation is!”

Kai said with an awkward smile!

Kai had never even met his own father, so how would he know why he was able to be born!

“It doesn’t matter, when my father comes back, he might be able to see some of the reasons, you can stay here for the night first!”

Princess Isha said and left!

Kai looked at that Heart Returning Pill but did not eat it, instead he put it directly into his storage ring, although Princess Isha looked good, but Kai was not strong enough now, like the Heart Returning Pill, this kind of high grade pills, he had no way to detect the ingredients, and he did not dare to eat it casually!

Kai pushed open the window of his room, and through it, Kai was able to easily see the entire Demon Emperor City, which was also lit up with lights!

After watching for a while, Kai pushed open the door and walked out, he wanted to look around and take a look at this Demon Emperor City.

The Demon Emperor City wasn’t particularly heavily guarded, probably because it was so safe here, there weren’t many guards!

Kai wandered around aimlessly, looking at the somewhat exotic Imperial City!

Just as Kai passed a room, a faint smell of sandalwood came from inside the room, and Kai pushed open the door and went in.

After entering the room, Kai realised that it was a study, with all kinds of books on the wooden shelves twice!

Kai picked up a book and flipped through it at random, but found that there were some obscure words on it, these should be beast writing, not the same as human writing!

Kai flipped through several more books in a row, but they were all written in the same way, and Kai couldn’t understand any of them!

“These are all bird texts, I really can’t read a single word ……”

Kai helplessly put the book back and prepared to leave the place!

But soon Kai stopped, he seemed to remember something, then picked up a book again!

But this time Kai didn’t use his eyes to look at it, instead he gently stroked the book with his hand and soon a divine sense wrapped around it!

At that moment, in Kai’s sea of consciousness, the Wordless Heavenly Book glowed with light, and the contents of that book flowed slowly into Kai’s memory like a trickle of water!

In just a few moments, the book, which Kai could not understand a single word of, was now memorized, and not a word of it was missing!

A smile appeared at the corner of Kai’s mouth as he casually put the book back and picked up another book, ready to memorise it again in the same way!

If Kai could memorise all these books on the beast race, he would definitely have a deeper understanding of the beast race!

But just as Kai was about to do the same thing again, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open and a group of golden-armored warriors rushed in!

“How dare you, you dare to trespass into the Demon Emperor’s Book Collection, looking for death ……”

A tiger ben in golden armor, upon seeing that it was Kai flipping through the books inside the room, was instantly furious!


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