A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2552

Elder Pei led Kai to a very ordinary room, and then said respectfully “Please rest, if there is something, you can call me anytime ……”

“Many thanks Elder Pei!” Kai saw how respectful the other party was and hurriedly thanked him!

But just as Elder Pei was about to walk out of the room, Kai suddenly shouted at him.

“Elder Pei, may I ask you a question?” Kai asked!

“Please ask!” Elder Pei said!

“Elder Pei, within this city of yours, are all demon cultivators? Are there any humans?”

Kai asked curiously.

Elder Pei shook his head “There are no humans, we are all demon cultivators here, a class of beasts, humans have human territory, they would not live here with us.”

“Could it be that no humans have ever come to your place?” Kai was amazed, such a big city, did no one else find out and come here?

“Of course there are humans who have come, we often invite some human medicine masters here to help refine pills, or seek medical treatment.”

“You also know that it’s almost impossible for us demon cultivators to become pill masters if we want to, so we still need the help of human pill masters!”

Elder Pei replied carefully!

Kai nodded in a daze of understanding, only then did he just learn that there was no way for these demon cultivators who had transformed into human form as demon beasts to become pill masters!

“May I ask if you have any more questions?”

Elder Pei asked in a soft voice.

“Oh, no more, thanks a lot Elder Pei!”

Kai hurriedly shook his head and said!

Elder Pei left, while Kai stayed inside his room, quietly adjusting his breath and slowly recovering his strength!

I don’t know how long it took, but the sound of the door opening woke Kai up!

Kai opened his eyes to see that Princess Isha had walked over with a disk in her hand!

On top of the porcelain disk, a brownish-green pill was emitting a faint glow!

At a glance, Kai could tell that this pill was by no means an ordinary elixir!

“Princess Isha ……”

Kai got up and shouted respectfully!

“I’ve brought you a Heart Returning Pill, looking at you like this, you seem to have an injury that hasn’t healed, taking this Heart Returning Pill might be good for healing your injury!”

Princess Isha said, placing the porcelain plate on the table!

Kai looked at the Heart Returning Pill with a few moments of doubt on his face, for this Heart Returning Pill was definitely something of great value to a demon cultivator without a pill refiner!

But now Princess Isha was giving it directly to herself to take, Kai was a little unsure in his heart, he didn’t understand why this Princess Isha was being so kind to herself?

Kai didn’t know what this Princess Isha had in mind either!

“Princess Isha, I would like to take the liberty of asking you a question, you and I met each other in passing, why did you give me such a heavy gift?”

Kai asked, puzzled.

“Because I want to get some answers from you!”

Princess Isha said.

“What answers?” Kai froze, not understanding what Princess Isha meant!

“You have the aura of a human but at the same time have the aura of a divine beast, that means your parents are definitely not of the same race.”

“One is a beast race and one is a human race, I want to know what both your parents are? How could they have given birth to you?”

Princess Isha asked.

Kai frowned slightly, he did not understand why this Princess Isha asked about his parents, but Kai still answered “My mother is human, but I have never met my father, and I do not know his identity.”

“Why are you asking this? Is there something wrong with my parents giving birth to me?”

Kai looked at Princess Isha somewhat strangely, he really couldn’t figure out what the point of this question from Princess Isha was, and what she wanted to get out of it!


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