A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2551

Kai followed Princess Isha through the streets to the Imperial City located in the central area!

Just as Kai and the others had walked into the Imperial City, a young man clad in golden armour approached!

“Princess Isha, I heard from the Demon Emperor that you were out, it made me worried sick, you know it’s too dangerous out there now, if anything happens to you if you go out alone, it’ll be trouble!”

“If you are out and about, please let me know, I can keep you safe ……”

The youth said to Princess Isha with a worried face!

But Princess Isha just swept the youth a glance, then said with slight disgust “Huben, since when do I have to be controlled by you for my freedom of movement, do I have to report to you wherever I go?”

“No, I don’t mean that, I’m just worried about your safety!”

Huben waved his hands and explained, but when he noticed Kai behind Princess Isha, he frowned “Princess, why have you brought in a human?”

But just as Hu Ben finished speaking, he suddenly looked strange and continued, “No, this guy has the aura of a human, how come he also has the aura of our beast race? Is it the aura of a divine beast?”

“Strange, it’s so strange, could he be the product of a marriage between our beast race and humans?”

Huben was a little overwhelmed by the aura on Kai’s body, so he took a closer look at Kai!

“Huben, put away the curiosity, it’s none of your business what I bring in, guard the Imperial City yourself and do your own thing!”

Princess Isha reprimanded Huben and then said to Kai, “Kai, let’s go ……”

Princess Isha led Kai towards the inner hall of the imperial city, while Kai walked two steps faster and followed Princess Isha side by side!

This made Huben, who was watching, angry enough, he had never been treated like walking side by side with Princess Isha!

“That tiger Ben of yours seems to like you?”

Kai asked as he turned to Princess Isha.

Because he sensed that that Princess Isha didn’t have any malice towards him, Kai relaxed his speech!

“He is just a toad trying to eat the flesh of a swan, how could I possibly like a peeping tom like him!”

Princess Isha said with an angry face.

“Peeping Ryan?” Kai instantly froze, not understanding what Princess Isha meant by that!

“That Huben is just a pervert, often spying on female students in the bath, he thought his illusion technique was so clever that no one would find out, but he was still seen!”

“It’s simply shameless, the mention of him makes me sick ……”

The more Princess Isha said, the angrier she got!

And Kai was full of surprise, he didn’t expect that Huben, who looked all righteous and tiger-backed, had a strange fetish for peeping!

No wonder when Princess Isha saw that Huben, she just had a face of disdain and disgust!

Kai followed Princess Isha into the inner hall, while Princess Isha shouted out loud.

“Father, Father …………”

Along with Princess Isha’s shout, an old man in green clothes came out, then bowed towards Princess Isha and said “Princess, the Demon Emperor has left the city and may not return until tomorrow!”

“Father is also really, not waiting for me to return before leaving the city!”

Princess Isha pouted, looking very unhappy, and then said to the green-clothed old man “Elder Pei, take him to rest, this is what I brought to see Father.”

The green-clothed old man nodded and then counted politely towards Kai, “This gentleman, please follow me ……”

Kai looked at Princess Isha in amazement, this brought him into the imperial city, but did not ask or say anything, let him go to rest!

“You go and rest first, I know you are physically injured and your strength is limited, I will send someone to send you some herbs to help you recover.”

“Wait for my father to come back tomorrow and talk to you, don’t worry, I won’t harm you!”

Princess Isha said to Kai!

Kai saw that Princess Isha was sincere in her words and really had no hostility towards him, so he followed that Elder Pei and went to rest!


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