A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2549

“Good, then we’ll go to Boulder Village, I’ll see what kind of a god this kid is ……”

Wu Feiyu’s eyes were slightly frozen with a strong killing intent in his eyes!

At this moment, Kai did not know that Wu Fei Yu and Zhang Bei had already set their eyes on Bashi Village, and after he led Ah Li and the others out of that scorched area, he was going to take a detour to return to Bashi Village!

But just as Kai was leading Ah Li and the others on their way, two figures suddenly blocked their path!

Seeing someone blocking their way, Ah Li and the others all tensed up, while Kai looked at the person in front of him and frowned slightly “Lang Feng?”

The one blocking Kai’s way was the wolf king Lang Feng, who had already taken human form, and beside him was a girl with clear eyes!

“To be able to escape from Wu Feiyu’s hands and pick the Immortal Crane Grass, you are really something!”

Lang Feng looked at Kai and said with slight admiration!

“What are you stopping us for?”

Kai asked warily at that Lang Feng!

As a wolf king who had already taken human form, this Lang Feng was definitely stronger than that Ning Can and Wu Feiyu!

Kai had not recovered his strength now, so there was no way to find out Lang Feng’s true strength.

“Don’t be nervous, I’m not interested in the Immortal Crane Grass you’re holding, it’s just that our princess is interested in you and wants to talk to you!”

Lang Feng smiled faintly when he saw Kai’s nervous look!

“Princess?” Kai looked at the girl beside Lang Feng in surprise, he didn’t expect that this girl was also a demon beast illusion, but Kai didn’t feel the slightest bit of beast aura from the girl’s body!

“Not bad, this is our Princess Isha, she is very interested in the divine beast aura on you!”

Lang Feng said with a nod!

“I don’t have time now, I have to hurry, or I won’t be able to walk this mountain range today!”

Kai did not want to follow Princess Isha’s conversation.

After all, Kai knew nothing about the identities of Lang Feng and this so-called Princess Isha, and there was no way he could trust them!

“If we don’t let the way through, are you absolutely sure you can get out of here?”

Princess Isha said with a faint smile!

When Kai heard Princess Isha’s words, his entire body fell into silence!

Let’s not mention what realm strength Princess Isha was, just one Lang Feng alone, Kai and the few of them were no match!

“What do you want to talk about? Hurry up and ask, we’re in a hurry to get going!”

Kai said to that Princess Isha!

But Princess Isha didn’t answer Kai, instead she looked at Lang Feng and said “Lang Feng, you send the others out of the mountain range, as for this man, I want to stay and have a good chat!”

“As you wish ……”

Lang Feng nodded respectfully and said!

“No, Brother Kai has to come with us, we will never leave Brother Kai behind by himself.”

When Yun’er saw that the other party wanted to leave Kai alone by himself, she immediately said loudly!

“Right, we can’t leave Brother Kai alone!”

Pillar shouted back, they were going in with Kai!

Hearing Yun’er and Pillar’s loud yelling, Lang Feng’s face turned cold and he was about to open his mouth to reprimand them, but Princess Isha gently raised her hand to stop them!

Then Princess Isha looked at Yun’er and Pillar with a smile on her face and said in a light tone, “You two little brats, do you think you have the right to speak here?”

“I won’t hurt your brother Kai, be good and go home, it won’t take long for your brother Kai to go back too!”

Yun’er and Zhuzi, however, did not relent, they did not want Kai to be left alone and were about to open their mouths to retort to Princess Isha, but they were stopped by Kai.

“Yun’er, Pillar, you guys go back, I’ll be fine!”

Kai said, then looked at Ah Li and said “Ah Li, you have to keep them both safe!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on the two of them!”

Ah Li nodded his head!


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