A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2548

Ning Can and the others were all bruised and battered at this point in order to kill the bloodthirsty beasts, and their breath was in disarray!

After taking out the Bloodthirsty Beast’s beast pellet, Ning Can sat down to rest on the side!

When he saw that Wu Feiyu and Zhang Biao had returned so quickly, he was a little surprised, “Why have you returned? Where is the Immortal Crane Grass?”

“The Immortal Crane Grass was picked and those guys are nowhere to be found!”

Wu Feiyu said with a face full of anger!

When Ning Can saw that Wu Feiyu hadn’t picked the Immortal Crane Grass, he became wary!

“If you didn’t pick the Immortal Crane Grass, why didn’t you go after it?”

Ning Can asked as he turned to Wu Fei Yu!

“Where to chase? The people have long since gone without a shadow!”

Wu Feiyu said, glancing at the corpse of the Bloodthirsty Beast on the ground and said indifferently “In order to kill this Bloodthirsty Beast, senior brother and I didn’t put in much effort, and if it wasn’t for the effects of the Scattered Power Pill, this Bloodthirsty Beast would have been impossible to kill.”

“Now that the Bloodthirsty Beast is dead, I think we should also have a share of the treasures on the Bloodthirsty Beast.”

When Ning Chan heard Wu Feiyu say this, he sneered and said, “Wu Feiyu, when grown-ups speak, a mouthful of spittle is a nail, why are you speaking like a fart?”

“What are you talking about?” Zhang Bei heard Ning Can’s disrespectful words and roared!

Wu Feiyu stopped Zhang Bei, there were only two of them now, and they had just followed the Bloodthirsty Beast in a battle, which had also consumed a lot of physical strength, if they were to fight now, the two of them might not be able to gain an advantage!

“Ning Can, I did say at the time that the Bloodthirsty Beast would be given to you, but now that we haven’t got the Immortal Crane Grass, we can’t be allowed to go back empty handed, can we?”

Wu Feiyu’s voice was low, sort of a deliberative and supplicating tone!

After all, if they didn’t bring anything back, their master would definitely chastise them!

“That’s none of my business, the Immortal Crane Grass was short-changed, that’s your stupidity, what does it have to do with me?” Ning Can’s face was full of displeasure, and he raised his eyebrows and said “This Bloodthirsty Beast is mine, you guys can’t take a piece of meat away ……”

“If you guys want to grab it hard, then we can try, the big deal is that the fish will die and the net will be broken, all known as a meal in the mouth of this mountain range demon beast!”

Ning Can set up a desperate stance, he knew that Wu Feiyu would never fight with him!

When Wu Feiyu saw that Ning Can was actually not letting go in the slightest, he had no choice but to fill his face with anger, and after staring at Ning Can for a few moments, he led Zhang Bei away!

For the sake of a bloodthirsty beast’s corpse, Wu Feiyu felt that it was not necessary to fight for his life.

“Senior brother, are we just going back like this? If we go back like this, Master will definitely reprimand us!”

Zhang Bei asked to Wu Fei Yu with a resigned heart!

“Of course we can’t go back like this, we have to find a way to inquire about that kid’s identity, as long as we find that kid, we can find the Immortal Crane Grass!”

Wu Feiyu gnashed his teeth in hatred at the mention of Kai!

“Senior brother, what if that brat ate the Immortal Crane Grass into his stomach long ago?”

Zhang Bei asked worriedly.

“It won’t happen, that kid looks like he is also a medicine master, he knows that this kind of immortal grass cannot be swallowed directly, otherwise the power of the immortal grass will make his body explode and kill him instantly!”

“You can only take it after refining the Immortal Crane Grass into a pill, but to refine an Immortal Grass like the Immortal Crane Grass, with that kid’s strength, he can’t do it yet, so that Immortal Crane Grass will definitely be in his possession!”

Wu Feiyu carefully analysed, he felt that Kai was not capable of refining the Immortal Crane Grass at all!

Kai’s current strength was indeed incapable of refining the Immortal Crane Grass, but when Kai recovered, it would be as easy as pie to refine the Immortal Crane Grass!

“Senior brother, I don’t know that kid, but the few people with that kid are all from Bashi Village, let’s go to Bashi Village and ask around, we can probably find out that kid’s identity!”

Zhang Bei followed Wu Fei Yu and said!


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