A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2547

“I’m fine, fortunately that Bloodthirsty Beast wrapped itself around Wu Feiyu and the others, so I was able to get away, let’s go quickly, I guess that Bloodthirsty Beast won’t last much longer!”

After Kai finished speaking, he led Ah Li and the others to continue running forward. As Kai and the others went deeper and deeper, the divine power of immortality became stronger and stronger!

“What a strong aura, the Immortal Crane Grass is not up ahead, is it?”

Ah Li also sensed the change in the breath and said!

“Up ahead should be where the immortal crane grass is, let’s speed up our pace ……”

Kai couldn’t wait to speed up!

A few minutes later, Kai and the others saw that there was a glimpse of a green plant growing there on top of a dark, scorched earth, a plant that followed the surrounding scenery in stark contrast!

“Immortal Crane Grass, that must be the Immortal Crane Grass, right?”

Pillar looked at the green plant and exclaimed loudly in excitement!

Kai walked up to it and found that this immortal crane grass was very ordinary, only half a metre in height with five leaves on it, if this immortal crane grass grew in the middle of the grass, I’m afraid no one would be able to tell that it was an immortal grass!

However, on the leaves of the immortal crane grass, there was a trace of white light flowing, and around the immortal crane grass, there was this faint layer of fog, and the sunlight shone in this fog, forming colourful rays of light!

“Is this the immortal grass?” Hu Zhuang looked at the Immortal Crane Grass with shock, “I’ve heard the old people in the village say that if you can get an Immortal Grass and refine it into an Immortal Pill, you can make your strength soar.”

Ah Li and the others also looked at the Immortal Crane Grass and kept talking excitedly, with smiles on everyone’s faces!

However, Kai was staring at the Immortal Crane Grass closely, his expression somewhat grave.

The Immortal Crane Grass was indeed a good thing, and with this Immortal Crane Grass, Kai might recover his strength much faster!

However, Kai also knew that his current strength was not enough to refine this Immortal Crane Grass, and if he forced it, he was afraid that he would end up destroying this Immortal Crane Grass!

But if he couldn’t refine it and Kai took the Immortal Crane Grass with him, it would undoubtedly be a time bomb, and Kai believed that he wouldn’t be able to recover his strength in peace and quiet in the future!

After much hesitation, Kai slowly stretched out his hand and picked the Immortal Crane Grass, then put it into his storage ring!

“Life and death is up to fate, success or failure is in the hands of God, whatever. ……”

After Kai put away the immortal crane grass, his eyes had a bit more determination!

“Brother Kai, let’s get going, those people are going to catch up with us later ……”

Yun’er saw that Kai had already picked the Immortal Crane Grass, so she said!

Kai nodded “Good, let’s go ……”

Kai and his group quickly crossed the scorched land, and only after the group stepped onto the green and eerie grass did their hearts relax a lot!

But shortly after Kai and his group left, Zhang Bei and Wu Fei Yu arrived in a hurry, and when they saw that the immortal crane grass had disappeared, they were furious and cursed!

“I must find that fellow and cut him into pieces, how dare he pick my Immortal Crane Grass!”

Wu Fei Yu raised his voice in anger.

Zhang Bei was also furious, but at this moment the Immortal Crane Grass was gone, Kai and those of them were also gone, so they had come on this trip for nothing!

“Senior brother, what should we do next? We didn’t get the Immortal Crane Grass, we just killed that Bloodthirsty Beast and wasted so many of our pills, it’s a big loss, Master will definitely blame us when he finds out!”

Zhang Bei asked as he turned to Wu Fei Yu!

Wu Feiyu frowned slightly and thought for a moment, “Let’s go back, we can’t get the Immortal Crane Grass, but that Bloodthirsty Beast also has a lot of treasures on it!”

After saying that, Wu Fei Yu led Zhang Bei to rush back, while at that moment Ning Can was leading people to start dissecting the corpse of the Bloodthirsty Beast!


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