A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2546

You know that from the beginning, Zhang Bei had always regarded Kai as an inferior mountain villager and had never even looked at him in the right way, but now he was injured by Kai, with someone watching, and this was too much for Zhang Bei to bear!

Zhang Bei wanted to make a move against Kai, but he was stopped by Wu Feiyu!

“Kid, can you tell me why you ate my pills and yet you still have your strength preserved?”

Wu Feiyu saw that Kai was not simple, so he asked Kai!

“You mean that Dissipative Power Pill?” Kai smiled coldly “Just that rank elixir, it has no effect on me ……”

This was not Kai bragging, if Kai’s strength was now restored, that loose merit pill would indeed have no effect on Kai!

Hearing Kai’s words, Wu Feiyu frowned slightly “You turned out to be a medicine master as well?”

“I only know a little bit about it, but even this little bit is a hundred times better than you ……”

Kai was full of sneers!

This time, Wu Feiyu couldn’t help it, Kai had humiliated himself in front of Ning Can three times, this really made him lose face!

“Then I’ll see how you can be a hundred times better than me ……”

As Wu Feiyu finished speaking, a silver light flew out from his hand, this silver light was like a meteor, it was as fast as it could be!

At this moment, not far away, Lang Feng followed by a girl was watching the whole fight between several people!

When he saw Wu Feiyu strike at Kai, Lang Feng’s expression tightened and he was about to make a move to save him!

After all, in his opinion, Kai’s strength was no match for Wu Feiyu’s!

But who knew that Lang Feng was about to make a move, but he was stopped by a girl on the side.

“Don’t move, this guy’s strength would never be like this, his strength seems to be suppressed or he has not recovered from his injuries ……”

The girl’s eyes were staring at Kai with a deadly gaze, she could see every single move Kai made!

And Kai faced Wu Feiyu’s attack, his body darted and dodged this attack from Wu Feiyu, and then his body quickly retreated backwards!

Kai had only stopped to stall for time, now that Ah Li and the others had run away, there was no need for Kai to be fighting!

Besides, if he fought, Kai was not sure he could beat Wu Feiyu!

Seeing that Kai was trying to escape, Wu Fei Yu leapt to stop Kai!

But the moment Wu Fei Yu leapt, a tentacle wrapped itself around Wu Fei Yu’s body, causing him to fall from mid-air!

The bloodthirsty beast, after sucking up the blood of those villagers, had rushed over and then attacked!

Wu Fei Yu was so shocked that a light flashed in his hand and then he cut the tentacle off with his sword!

But Kai took advantage of this and had already run away without a trace!

When Wu Feiyu tried to chase after him again, he was already entangled in the bloodthirsty beast!

“Let’s combine our efforts and kill this bloodthirsty beast ……”

Wu Feiyu gave up on chasing Kai and instead went all out on that Bloodthirsty Beast!

Zhang Bei, Ning Can, and the others, also all lit up their weapons and attacked towards that Bloodthirsty Beast!

The Bloodthirsty Beast had sucked the blood of the villagers who had taken the Scattered Power Pills, and now the power of the Pills had begun to take effect in the Bloodthirsty Beast’s body, which allowed Wu Feiyu and the others to fight with the Bloodthirsty Beast!

If the Bloodthirsty Beast didn’t have the Dissipative Pill in its body, Wu Feiyu and the others would not have been able to compete with the Bloodthirsty Beast!

Kai ignored Wu Feiyu and the others who were fighting with the Bloodthirsty Beast, but ran away without looking back!

Soon, Kai caught up with Ali and the others, who were resting on a big rock.

They said they were resting, but in fact they were worried about Kai, so they were waiting for him!

Seeing that Kai had caught up safely, there were smiles on everyone’s faces!

“Brother Kai, are you alright?”

Pillar and Yun’er asked with concern as they stepped forward together.


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