A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2545

Wu Feiyu and Zhang Biao instantly leapt up and chased after them towards Kai, now that the Bloodthirsty Beast had food, so it couldn’t spare time to deal with the others!

Seeing this, Ning Can also led the men after them, he was now following Wu Feiyu as a partner, if the two didn’t work together, they were afraid that they would both become a meal in the bloodthirsty beast’s mouth!

Kai, who was running desperately, felt several auras approaching behind him, so he looked back and found that it was Wu Feiyu and the others chasing after him!

Kai knew that these people must be afraid that he had picked the Immortal Crane Grass, so they were chasing after him despite the danger!

Kai was confident that he could lose Wu Feiyu and the others, but not Ah Li and Pillar, their speed would catch up with him sooner or later!

“Ah Li, you guys run quickly, don’t turn back and don’t stop ……”

Kai followed Ah Li’s admonition, then slowed down, and finally surprisingly stopped, he wanted to stay behind to block Wu Fei Yu and the others, to buy time for Ah Li and Yun’er and the others!

Seeing that Kai had actually stopped running, and had even taken the initiative to stop, this made both Wu Feiyu and Zhang Biao feel very strange!

“Why aren’t you running?”

Zhang Bei looked at Kai and asked curiously.

“Facing the Bloodthirsty Beast, I run away, but facing you guys, why should I run?”

“With strengths like yours, you are not even ants in my eyes!”

Kai said with contempt as the corners of his mouth rose.

If Kai was able to return to his peak strength, just people like Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu would really not even be considered as crickets, Kai would not even look at them squarely!

Even if Kai had not recovered, if the sword spirit Zhong Li had recovered, Zhang Bei and these people would still be nothing more than crickets in Kai’s eyes!

When they heard Kai say that, both Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu were slightly stunned, they had never thought that Kai would dare to say such a thing!

If they knew that Kai was just a villager, how could he look down on them?

“Hahahaha, Wu Feiyu, where did you find such an oddball? Even this kind of mountain pariah despises your Jade Tripod Sect, it seems that your Jade Tripod Sect has really fallen into despair!”

Ning Can also arrived at this moment, and upon hearing Kai’s words, he burst out laughing!

Hearing Ning Can’s ridicule, Wu Feiyu and Zhang Biao were both about to die of anger, originally their Jade Tripod Sect had some problems following the Ning Family, and now that Kai had humiliated them like that in front of Ning Can, how could they not be angry!

“Kid, I will make your life worse than death today ……”

As Zhang Bei finished speaking, his body snapped forward and grabbed towards Kai’s head with one hand!

When Kai saw Zhang Bei strike, his heart relaxed quite a bit, although this Zhang Bei was also quite strong, it wasn’t that easy to defeat Kai!

As long as Wu Feiyu didn’t make a move, Kai was confident that he could kill Zhang Bei!

The moment Zhang Bei made his move, Kai waved his long sword holding the pillar, and a piercing blade aura headed towards Zhang Bei!

“Senior brother, retreat quickly ……”

The moment Kai struck out, Wu Feiyu discovered the strength of Kai’s blade, Zhang Bei would not be able to get an advantage under this blade, not to mention that at this moment, Zhang Bei was unarmed, he would definitely suffer a loss!

Despite Wu Feiyu’s warning, Zhang Biao was still a little slow in reacting, and when he stepped back and withdrew his hand, the blade had already sliced along his arm.

A bloodstain appeared from Zhang Bei’s arm, blood soaked through his clothes and flowed out, seeing that he had been injured by Kai, Zhang Bei’s whole body was in a bit of disbelief!

Wu Feiyu took out some powder from his body and sprinkled it on Zhang Bei’s wound, and soon the blood was stopped!

“Kid, today you must die ……”

Zhang Bei gritted his teeth, his chest heaving with anger!


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