A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2544

Pillar is saved and his whole body runs towards the back of Kai!

And at this moment, Wu Feiyu and Ning Can, who had been watching, all froze and looked at Kai with puzzled faces!

They didn’t understand how Kai could still explode with such surprising strength after taking the Dissipation Pill.

A Li, Yun’er and Hu Zhuang all had their weapons out and were on guard to protect the pillar!

The villagers who were being chased by the bloodthirsty beasts all ran towards Kai and the others, hoping to be protected by Kai and the others!

“Wu Feiyu, your Dissipation Pills are not expired again, are they? How come it’s not effective at all?”

Ning Zhi Da channeled and looked at Wu Feiyu and asked!

Wu Feiyu was also full of shock at this moment, he didn’t understand how Kai and the others were still able to exude their breath and strength after taking the Dissipation Pills!

Just then, the Bloodthirsty Beast, whose tentacles had been severed, let out a loud hiss and the earth began to tremble violently!

Feeling this violent tremor, everyone was terrified, and some fell to the ground in fear.

They all knew that the bloodthirsty beast was angry and was about to come out of the ground!

“Ah Li, you guys stand back, protect Yun’er and the pillar ……”

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly shouted out!

With Kai’s current strength, he didn’t have the means to deal with that bloodthirsty beast, he couldn’t protect Ah Li and the others, let alone the other villagers!

A Li and Hu Zhuang took Yun’er and the pillar and quickly retreated backwards, pulling away a certain distance, but the other villagers tried to follow and flee backwards, but the trembling earth made it difficult for these people to move an inch!

With a rumbling sound, a huge shadow burst out of the ground, and when they saw it, they all shrieked in fear.

This bloodthirsty beast was more than ten metres tall, its whole body was covered in scaly armour, and on the upper part of its body, there were a dozen tentacles waving around!

But this bloodthirsty beast didn’t seem to have a head and couldn’t see its eyes or mouth, these tentacles seemed to be the bloodthirsty beast’s eyes and mouth!

It uses these tentacles to sense the location of its enemies, and uses them to suck blood to feed itself!

“This bloodthirsty beast looks so scary ……”

Looking at the bloodthirsty beast’s terrifying appearance, the pillar trembled!

At this moment, the bloodthirsty beast’s dozen tentacles shot towards Kai as if they were sharp swords, and the dozen tentacles intertwined into a large net that seemed to wrap Kai!

Seeing this, Kai’s body kept moving backwards to avoid the bloodthirsty beast’s attack!

The bloodthirsty beast’s tentacles did not catch Kai, but caught those villagers who were already limp on the ground, and then these tentacles began to suck the blood of these villagers!

A cry of misery came out of the villagers’ mouths, but Kai didn’t dare to show any mercy, he himself was in no position to save these people!

But in this way, the villagers gave Kai some time to escape!

“Run, run quickly ……”

Kai shouted loudly to Ally and the others!

Facing a bloodthirsty beast of such strength, Kai knew that he did not have the slightest chance of winning, and if he continued to fight, he would sooner or later become the food of that bloodthirsty beast.

Hearing this, Ah Li and the others ran desperately towards the depths of the scorched earth, and Kai also ran desperately without even looking back!

“Oh no, if these guys run in, won’t that Immortal Crane Grass be theirs!”

Wu Feiyu thought of something, and his face suddenly looked ugly!

“Senior brother, let’s stop them quickly, we can’t let them pick the Immortal Crane Grass!”

Zhang Bei said anxiously!


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