A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2543

Kai winked towards Ah Li and the others, and then had a few of them pretend to disappear in strength as well!

Seeing this scene, the corner of Wu Feiyu’s mouth raised slightly and said, “I told you that what you took was the Dissipation Pill, all your power is now dispersed, now you can only listen to my words, live blood and have a ray of hope to live!”

“Zhang Bill, drive everyone in, I want that bloodthirsty beast to eat enough ……”

Zhang Bill nodded and then began to drive the crowd away, while that Ning Can also gave a wink and told his men to go and help too!

This time, many villagers were like lambs to the slaughter, being driven towards that scorched earth!

Some were scared and struggled desperately, while others even turned and ran!

But now that these people had lost their strength, they could not run, and were directly grabbed by Zhang Bei and thrown into the scorched earth!

Kai and the rest of the group gathered closely together and walked step by step into that scorched earth!

When Kai’s foot stepped into that scorched earth, he instantly felt a terrifying aura coming from beneath his feet!

Along with the terrifying aura, there was also an immortal divine power mixed in with it, which should have been emitted by the Immortal Crane Grass!

“Ah …………”

Someone began to get wrapped up in the bloodthirsty beast’s tentacles, sucking the blood from their bodies!

Others ran desperately, trying to escape the force, but behind them were Wu Fei Yu and the others watching intently, so these people could only run forward desperately!

They all prayed, hoping that they could escape while the Bloodthirsty Beast was sucking the blood of the others!

Seeing the panicked appearance of the people running away, Wu Feiyu had a playful look on his face!

“Wu Fei Yu, you kid are even more ruthless than I thought, I didn’t expect that your way of dealing with that bloodthirsty beast was to sacrifice these villagers, it seems that you planned this from the beginning, no wonder you value the lives of these villagers so much!”

Ning Can didn’t expect Wu Feiyu’s method to be so vicious and ruthless!

“Your strength and mine together may not even be a match for that Bloodthirsty Beast, now there is no other way to deal with the Bloodthirsty Beast besides this one!”

“When the Bloodthirsty Beast finishes feeding on these people’s blood, the power of that Dissipation Pill will kick in inside the Bloodthirsty Beast’s body, and then that Bloodthirsty Beast will become a dish of food, without the slightest concern!”

Wu Feiyu laughed smugly!

Ning Can didn’t say anything, but looked at the tragic scene in front of him, these villagers who had lost their kung fu powers, under the attack of the Bloodthirsty Beast, didn’t have the slightest room to resist!

Yun’er looked at these villagers who had died tragically, her eyes were full of pity, she wanted to save these people, but she knew she didn’t have that ability.

Kai looked at the villagers and could only shake his head helplessly, there was nothing he could do to save them now!

Soon, a faint layer of black fog rose above the scorched earth, and a scream of misery, coupled with the black fog that enveloped the land, made it even more eerie!

“Let’s go, let’s get out of here as soon as possible, maybe we’ll be lucky and be able to pick the Immortal Crane Grass!”

Kai finished his sentence and led Ah Li and the others towards the centre and started to approach!

But just two steps away, the pillar suddenly let out a scream, only to see a tentacle burrowing out of the ground and instantly wrapping itself around the pillar!

“Help, help, Brother Kai help me, Brother Ah Li help me …………”

Pillar was so frightened that his face was pale and he cried out loudly.

After all, he was still a child, and instantly panicked when faced with danger!

Seeing this, Kai leapt up and took out Pillar’s big knife straight away and slashed fiercely at the tentacle!

With this slash, Kai’s blade whistled and the sharpness of the blade flashed out, directly severing the tentacle right there!!!


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