A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2542

“Don’t worry, even if it hides underground, I still have a way to deal with it!”

Wu Feiyu said, then took out a dozen pills and handed them to Zhang Bei “You distribute these pills and have everyone eat them!”

Zhang Bei nodded and then distributed the pills.

The crowd held the thumb-sized black pills, but they didn’t know what they were, so no one dared to eat them!

“Brother Kai, what is this stuff, it looks so disgusting!”

Pillar took the pill and asked Kai.

Kai took the pill and sniffed it gently, then said, “This is the Dissipation Pill, after eating it, it will dissipate your power ……”

“Ah …………”

Hearing Kai say that, Ah Li and the others were all very shocked!

“Kai, why do you want to give us the Dispersed Power Pills? We have the strength to help them deal with that bloodthirsty beast and pick immortal crane grass?”

“Yes, why did this divine doctor dissipate our power?”

“What the hell are these guys up to?”

Ah Li and Yun’er were puzzled, not understanding that Bill Zhang had asked them to help with the medicine collection, but now they were scattering their gong power, this was too unreasonable!

And Kai took the scattered kung fu pill and thought about it slightly, then his eyes faintly stared and his face had a gloomy expression!

“I should have guessed the reason ……,” said Kai.

“What’s the reason?” Ally hurriedly asked!

“This Wu Feiyu is giving us the Dissipation Pill, not to dissipate our power, but to dissipate the power of that Bloodthirsty Beast.”

“Now that we’ve taken the Dispersing Pill, the medicinal effect will work in our blood, and when that Bloodthirsty Beast takes in our blood, that’s the same as taking a large amount of the Dispersing Pill as well, so that way, the Bloodthirsty Beast’s strength will be greatly reduced!”

Kai carefully analyzed!

Hearing Kai’s analysis, Ah Li’s face turned green, feeling that Zhang Bill and the others were treating them as food for the Bloodthirsty Beast!

“Mr. Chen’s analysis is right, this must be the case, otherwise why would they ask us, who are not strong enough to play any role, to help with the medicine collection?”

“It seems that from the beginning we were treated as food to be fed, and that Wu Feiyu had thought of using our blood against the bloodthirsty beasts.”

Hu Zhuang was also full of gloom at the moment, he hadn’t thought at all that Zhang Bei and the others would be so vicious!

“Then what should we do? If we don’t eat this pill, they definitely won’t want to, and if we do it, the few of us are no match!”

Pillar asked with some fear!

“Throw the pills into your mouth and don’t swallow them, press them under your tongue, then see what happens, follow me closely!”

Kai instructed in a whisper!

Ah Li and the others all nodded and leaned in towards Kai!

“Gentlemen, this elixir is a strength enhancement pill, after taking it, it will be able to boost your strength for a short period of time, also to be able to better deal with the bloodthirsty beasts!”

“Everyone, eat it and help us get the herbs later, I will definitely do everything I promised you!”

Zhang Bill loudly compelled the crowd, otherwise no one would eat it!

Hearing Bill Zhang say so, the crowd didn’t doubt and swallowed the pills directly, only Kai and the others threw the pills into their mouths but didn’t swallow them!

Seeing that everyone had taken the pills, a smug smile appeared on Wu Feiyu’s face.

After a few minutes, the effects of the medicine started to take effect and some people felt very weak and had no strength in their bodies.

“What’s going on? Why do I feel like I don’t have any strength at all?”

“Where is my kung fu power? How come I don’t even have the strength to swing my fist?”

“Why is my breath gone and there’s no power at all in my dantian!”

Many people noticed the anomaly and began to panic!


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