A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2541

Kai gave the pillar a look and signalled for it to stop talking, at this point in time, it was best not to draw attention to itself!

“This is it, that Immortal Crane Grass is an immortal grass that absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, so it is very difficult for other plants to survive in an area hundreds of metres around it.”

Wu Feiyu looked at the scorched earth in front of him with excitement in his eyes!

As soon as the crowd heard about the place, they all got very nervous, after all, they all knew that the area around this Immortal Crane Grass was guarded by bloodthirsty beasts.

“Wu Feiyu, since we have arrived at the place, let’s find a way to eradicate that bloodthirsty beast, or else we will have to become the food of that bloodthirsty beast once we step into this land!”

Ning Can said to Wu Fei Yu!

In order to get the Immortal Crane Grass, the Bloodthirsty Beast had to be exterminated before we could get it.

Wu Feiyu smiled lightly and said with confidence “Since I’ve come, I must have a way to deal with that Bloodthirsty Beast!”

“We don’t even know where the Bloodthirsty Beast is hiding now, how can we deal with it?”

Ning Can asked.

“That’s not easy to do, I brought so many people here precisely to lure that bloodthirsty beast!”

Wu Feiyu said, then turned his head to look at the villagers he brought, and casually pointed out “You two go in and scout the way ……”

The villagers who were pointed at were scared half to death, their foreheads were full of cold sweat, and then they knelt down “I …… wouldn’t dare, please let us go ……”

“If you don’t go, you won’t have the slightest value to me, and I won’t keep anything that has no value!”

Wu Feiyu finished speaking, only to see a wave of his palm, those two villagers instantly bleeding to death from seven orifices!

The crowd was all dumbfounded when they saw this scene, these people thought they had picked up a great bargain at first, but they didn’t want them to be cannon fodder!

“You two go to ……”

Wu Feiyu redirected two people and said!

The one who was pointed at trembled in fear and finally could only follow Bill Zhang and beg for mercy!

“Divine Doctor Zhang, please save us, we are considered old acquaintances, please save us ……”

They didn’t know Wu Feiyu, but they knew Zhang Bei, so they wanted Zhang Bei to save them!

But who knows, Zhang Bill said, “Let you guys explore the road, not to send you to death, as long as the bloodthirsty beast is lured out, my brother and I will deal with the bloodthirsty beast, you don’t have to be afraid!”

“But if you don’t go, my brother’s temper is not good, you saw what happened to those two people just now.”

Zhang Bei threatened the two villagers.

Hearing Zhang Bill’s words, and looking at the two villagers who died tragically, these two could only slowly get up, and then slowly walked into the scorched earth full of fear!

The two men walked very slowly, trembling all over, but when they walked some distance away, nothing happened at all, which made the two men relax!

“Brother, there’s no reaction here either, is that bloodthirsty beast asleep?”

Zhang Bei saw that the Bloodthirsty Beast didn’t appear at all, so he whispered!

But just as he finished speaking, he heard two miserable cries, followed by a rumble in the ground, followed by two tentacles burrowing out of the ground, and then wrapped around the two villagers in a deadly manner!

Amidst the screams of the two villagers, the crowd saw that the bodies of the two villagers were rapidly deflating, and the blood in their bodies was rapidly draining away along the two tentacles.

After a few dozen seconds, the two villagers were completely silent and the blood in their bodies had been absorbed!

But the two villagers were dead, and the crowd did not see the bloodthirsty beast’s appearance, only the two tentacles!

“This bloodthirsty beast is hiding underground, how can we deal with it?”

Ning Can saw that the bloodthirsty beast had actually hidden underground instead of showing itself, and said with a frown!!!


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