A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2540

Hearing the wolf whistle, Kai instantly knew that it had come from the mouth of that Lang Feng.

“All be alert, follow me closely in a moment ……”

Kai whispered to remind Ally and the others!

Kai knew that demonic beasts that could transform into human beings were not low in strength, that Lang Feng had come with a wolf pack, they were all afraid that they would be in danger!

But just as everyone was tense and ready for battle, hundreds of demon wolves slowly retreated, and finally went straight into the jungle without a trace!

This confused everyone, knowing that demon wolves were vicious demon beasts, how could they possibly retreat when they had an absolute advantage?

“How come these demon wolves have all retreated?”

Zhang Bei asked in a very puzzled manner.

Wu Feiyu didn’t say anything, because he didn’t understand why these demon wolves had left either!

“Could it be that these demon wolves are playing some kind of scheme? You know that demon wolves are very smart, and besides, I see that there are still demon wolves among them that have opened their spiritual wisdom!”

Ning Can said.

“No matter what kind of scheme is being played, it’s better that we leave quickly ……”

After Wu Feiyu finished speaking, he immediately led the group to run forward quickly, he wanted to leave this demon wolf pack’s territory in the shortest time possible!

Seeing this, Ning Can also led his men to follow closely behind him.

But the demon wolves that had left did not appear, nor did they give chase!

But just after they had all left, Lang Feng slowly appeared, and beside him, a very sweet-looking girl, who looked to be around twenty, with two shallow dimples when she smiled!

But even though she was so sweet and soft, Lang Feng was standing beside her with a nervous face, his head slightly lowered, not daring to look at the girl!

“Princess, did you see the man with the aura of a divine beast on his body just now?”

Lang Feng asked in a small voice.

“En, I saw it, it was quite handsome, I just don’t know why he had the aura of a divine beast on him, I’ll have to find a chance to bring him to meet my father and let him see what’s going on!”

The girl finished speaking and went straight after Kai in the direction they had left, while that Lang Feng followed closely behind, looking tense and protective of the girl!

At this moment, Kai and the others had already left the territory of the demon wolf pack after a quick march, and all of them had relaxed their hearts a little bit!

But this was already deep in the mountain range, and even though they had left the demon wolf pack’s territory, there would still be other high-ranking demon beasts out there!

In front of the senior demon beasts, the villagers had no room to resist at all, and now they could only rely on Wu Feiyu and the others!

“I can already sense the scent of the Immortal Crane Grass, that Immortal Crane Grass should not be far away, let’s go quickly ……”

Wu Feiyu gently sniffed with his nose, then ran in a direction!

After another ten minutes, a scorched earth appeared in front of Kai and his group.

The whole ground was black and without a blade of grass, and even the trees around them were very yellow, as if they had been burnt by fire!

On top of the scorched earth, there were white bones everywhere, and many corpses of demonic beasts, except that these corpses were intact, no injuries could be seen, but the corpses were very deflated, obviously the blood in their bodies had been sucked out by something!

There was a disgusting smell in the air, and there was a thick, fierce aura hovering in the mid-air that wouldn’t go away!

No one knew where the bloodthirsty beast was hiding, and many people were sweating profusely, while some of the more timid ones simply fell to the ground, looking at the scene before them!

“How can immortal grass grow in a place like this? It’s like not even an inch of grass grows!”

Pillar looked at what was before him and muttered in a low voice!


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