A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2538

The men Ning Can had brought with him were already looking alert, while Wu Feiyu was staring intently at Ning Can!

Hundreds of demon wolves slowly emerged from the dense jungle and surrounded them all!

Faced with hundreds of demon wolves, everyone’s faces changed slightly!

Even though they had wolf repellent powder, Wu Feiyu’s expression turned grave when he saw hundreds of demon wolves appearing together!

“Senior brother, we …… we ……”

Zhang Bei was a little scared and stumbled over his words!

“Don’t be nervous, we have wolf repellent powder, if the wolves attack, we will rush out, with the wolf repellent powder, we will be fine!”

Wu Feiyu comforted Zhang Bei, and also to comfort Kai and the others.

To pick the immortal crane grass, Kai and the others still had a great use for them, so Wu Fei Yu would not let them die so easily!

The reason why Wu Fei Yu asked Zhang Bei to find so many people to accompany him in picking the herbs was not actually for protection, but to use these people to deal with the bloodthirsty beasts!

Wu Fei Yu had already known that the spirit beast guarding the Immortal Crane Grass was a Bloodthirsty Beast, and he had a way to deal with it!

Ning Can’s body actually began to tremble slightly when he saw hundreds of demonic wolves eyeing him!

“Charge …………”

Without waiting for the demon wolves to attack, Ning Can immediately led his men towards Kai and the rest of their group!

Ning Can knew that if they let these hundreds of demon wolves attack, they were afraid that they wouldn’t stand a chance!

Wu Feiyu didn’t expect Ning Can to lead his men towards him, so he immediately leapt and instantly blocked in front of Ning Can!

If Kai and the rest of the group weren’t still useful, Wu Feiyu wouldn’t care if they lived or died!

“Wu Feiyu, you deliberately introduced us to the wolves’ encirclement, don’t think that you can refine medicinal powders and possibly avoid demon wolf attacks.”

“I’ll tangle with you now, I want to see if that demon wolf will still attack!”

As Ning Can finished speaking, a long sword in his hand slashed forward!

A sharp blade instantly slashed out, extremely fast, instantly decapitating a villager underneath it!

Ning Can struck with unparalleled ruthlessness, without the slightest hesitation at all!

Seeing this, Wu Feiyu pulled out a pair of scissors with a golden glow and fought with Ning Can!

Seeing this, Bill Zhang also leapt forward and fought with the men Ning Chan had brought with him!

The scene was in chaos and a melee began, while Kai pulled Pillar and Yun’er backwards in a hurry.

Kai did not want to get involved in such a meaningless melee!

Seeing that Kai was not going to make a move, Ah Li and Hu Zhuang also hurriedly backed up!

The large number of demon wolves outside were watching Kai and the others intently, but none of them attacked!

Soon, several villagers who had followed Wu Feiyu and the others had already died, which made Wu Feiyu’s heart ache inside!

But at this moment, Wu Feiyu and Ning Can were fighting to the death, the two were equally strong and there was no way to tell the winner in a short time!

“Ning Can, if you and I continue to fight, we’ll both become a meal in the belly of the demon wolf, let’s stop!”

Wu Feiyu said to Ning Can.

Upon hearing this, Ning Can made a false move and broke away from the fight, while Wu Feiyu didn’t make a move!

Ning Chan did not want to follow Wu Feiyu in the fight, if the two sides fought to the death, in the end, I am afraid that no one would want to leave, hundreds of demon wolves, is not a joke!

“All stop ……”

Ning Can and Wu Fei Yu shouted at the same time, at which point the mingling crowd stopped their hands!

“Ning Can, that Immortal Crane Grass is guarded by the Bloodthirsty Beast, if you don’t have a way to deal with the Bloodthirsty Beast, you won’t be able to get the Immortal Crane Grass at all, I can now send you wolf repellent powder to get you out of the wolf pack surroundings, hurry up and go back!”

Wu Feiyu said to Ning Can!


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