A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2537

But Wu Feiyu did have a way to target that bloodthirsty beast a long time ago, only this way, there was no way he could tell Ning Can!

“Could it be that you have a way to deal with that Bloodthirsty Beast?” Ning Can asked, surprised to see Wu Fei Yu say so!

“As I said, it’s none of your business, if you don’t have the ability, then go back and save yourself from being buried here!”

Wu Feiyu finished speaking and led the group onwards!

As he watched Wu Feiyu lead his men away, Ning Can’s eyes were filled with anger.

“My lord, what shall we do?”

At this moment, one of the subordinates behind Ning Can stepped forward and asked.

“Let’s follow, I’d like to see what this Jade Tripod Sect has to deal with the Bloodthirsty Beast!”

Ning Can followed directly!

When Wu Feiyu realised that Ning Can had followed him with his men, his brows furrowed tightly!

“Senior brother, this Ning Can is like a dog’s skin plaster, sticking to us, what should we do?”

Zhang Bei said to Wu Feiyu!

“Let him follow, I’ll make him look good later ……”

Wu Feiyu finished speaking and quietly shifted his direction of travel!

“Hu Zhuang, those few people just now, do you know them?” Kai asked to Hu Zhuang!

“Yes, the one who spoke is the son of the Ning family, in this area, this Ning family is also a big family, only it seems that they don’t have a good relationship with the Jade Tripod Sect!”

Hu Zhuang whispered!

“We all need to be careful, it looks like there might be a vicious battle later!”

Kai had already noticed that Wu Feiyu had deliberately changed his route, surely to lure Ning Can and the others who were following behind him!

After the crowd had walked for about a few hours, a demon wolf’s howl began to ring out around them, a howl that grew louder and louder!

A wave of demon wolf scent was sweeping in like a wave of the sea!

Feeling the aura of the demon wolf pack, all of them turned pale with fear, even Zhang Biao also looked nervous and said, “Brother, we …… are walking into the encirclement of the demon wolf pack, right?”

The first thing I did was to walk in here on purpose!”

Zhang Bill looked at Wu Fei Yu incredulously, but soon Wu Fei Yu took out a cloth bag and explained, “I have wolf repellent powder here, which can drive the demon wolves away, so we won’t be attacked.”

“I want that Ning Can to be buried in this wolf pack!”

After Zhang Biao finished speaking, he handed the wolf repelling powder to Zhang Biao “Distribute it and have everyone sprinkle it on their clothes!”

Zhang Bill nodded and then distributed the wolf repellent powder and instructed everyone to sprinkle it on their bodies!

“Brother Kai, what is this stuff? Why do we have to sprinkle this stuff on us?”

Pillar asked in disbelief!

Kai smiled lightly and said, “If my guess is right, this should be wolf repellent powder, when the demon wolves smell the wolf repellent powder, they will be stimulated and then turn and run away, so that they won’t attack us!”

When the pillar heard this, he was surprised and said “This is good stuff, I want to sprinkle some more ……”

Soon the pillar was as white as a white man’s body!

“My lord, we seem to be surrounded by wolves, what should we do?”

A subordinate beside Ning Can said with a nervous look!

And that Ning Can also had his eyes slightly glued “Damn, this guy walked into the wolves on purpose.”

“Sir, that Wu Feiyu is a senior brother of the Jade Tripod Sect, he must have a strategy to repel the wolves, look at the white powder sprinkled on those people, it might be used to repel the wolves, what should we do?”

The subordinate asked!

“If the wolves attack later, we will rush into the crowd, these are all villagers, their strength is not high, as long as we tangle together, the white powder will definitely work on us too!”

Ning Can whispered!

He knew that the white powder must be used to repel the wolves, so as long as the wolves attacked, then they would quickly rush into the crowd, and could use the white powder on these people to drive the wolves away!


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