A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2536

Kai finished speaking and walked towards the camp, while that Zhang Bill reprimanded “I tell you, this is the territory of the demon wolf pack, don’t think of escaping, if you leave the camp, you will definitely be bitten to death by the demon wolves, this time you are lucky that you didn’t encounter the demon wolves!”

Kai ignored Zhang Bei, and after walking back to the camp, the figure of Lang Feng always appeared in his mind, he didn’t understand what this guy was looking for.

Was it because of the divine beast aura on his own body?

When Zhang Bei looked at Kai, he ignored him, and there was murderous intent in his eyes, knowing that his status was not something that a villager like Kai could blaspheme!

After the night had passed, Wu Feiyu swept a glance at the white powder he had scattered and said to the crowd, “Who was on duty last night?”

At this point a few of the selected men came forward, among them Kai!

“Did a demonic beast come last night?”

Wu Feiyu asked as he looked at several people.

The others all shook their heads, but only Kai nodded and said, “Yes, there were demonic beasts that came to the camp!”

“What kind of demonic beasts?”

Wu Feiyu’s expression obviously got a bit nervous!

“It’s a demon wolf that suddenly received a fright and fled after approaching the camp!”

Kai said truthfully!

Once he heard that it was a demon wolf, Wu Feiyu’s expression relaxed quite a bit, but Kai was a bit strange, this was in the territory of the demon wolf pack, were there other demon beasts out there?

“Alright, bring your items, we’re off ……”

Wu Feiyu said and walked straight ahead!

“Let’s go ……”

With a big wave of his hand, Zhang Bei led the crowd and began to continue deeper.

Every now and then, the howls of demon wolves would come, and everyone’s hearts were in their throats!

But not long after the group had travelled, Wu Feiyu suddenly frowned, causing the group to rush to a halt!

Immediately afterwards, an aura came from not far away, followed by the appearance of several figures!

The crowd looked at each other in surprise, they didn’t expect to see humans here, usually hunting villagers don’t come here!

And that Wu Feiyu and Zhang Biao’s expressions became even more grave when they saw the people coming!

“Wu Feiyu, you seem to have come a little late ……”

A man with a short beard on the other side looked at Wu Feiyu and said with a faint smile!

“Ning Can, you seem to have just arrived here as well, right? Not much faster than me either!”

Wu Feiyu said with a grim look on his face!

The man called Ning Can only laughed, then swept a glance at those behind Wu Feiyu and said with a slight mockery, “There is no way you can pick the Immortal Crane Grass with just these people!”

“It’s not for you to worry about whether you can pick it or not, you must have come here for the Immortal Crane Grass too, so let’s see who can get it!”

Wu Feiyu’s eyes were slightly glued, and his eyes were full of hostility!

“You want to compete with me?” Ning Chan smiled, then said “Let me tell you, it’s impossible for you and I to obtain the Immortal Crane Grass, because I’ve learned that the spirit beast guarding near the Immortal Crane Grass is a Bloodthirsty Beast, and it’s simply not something we can deal with.”

Ning Can’s words instantly shocked the people who had followed Wu Feiyu, they only knew that they had come to collect medicine, they didn’t know anything about what kind of medicine they were collecting or what dangers they would encounter!

But now they knew that what they had come to pick was actually an immortal herb, and that there were bloodthirsty beasts guarding it, wouldn’t they have come to die for nothing with just these people?

Everyone’s bodies were trembling slightly, but there was nothing they could do, they had already come here, and they couldn’t possibly quit, even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to leave the mountain range!

Wu Feiyu felt the panic of those behind him, he knew that Ning Can was saying this on purpose to compel the hearts of these people!

“That’s what you can’t deal with, as for whether I can deal with it, you’ll know afterwards!”

Wu Feiyu’s eyes were full of confidence, and he was doing this to give confidence to those who had followed him here!


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