A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2535

“This is the demon wolf pack’s territory now, so everyone be careful ……”

Zhang Bei barked out a loud admonition.

All of them didn’t dare to breathe, and quietly followed behind Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu!

At this moment, the two men, Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu, also began to have a nervous expression on their faces!

As the sky grew dark, Zhang Biao told the men to set up camp and selected a few people to take turns to stand sentry, with Kai among those on sentry duty.

After deciding on a place to set up camp, Wu Feiyu took out a cloth bag containing some white powder and spread it around!

“Brother Kai, let me help you on sentry duty at night, you should rest more!”

Pillar took the initiative to help Kai on sentry duty, after all, they must all be tired after walking such a long way!

Kai smiled faintly and touched Pillar’s head, “You rest, I’ll be fine!”

A Li and Yun’er also wanted to help Kai, but Kai refused!

Because Kai still wanted to take the opportunity to take a look around while he was on sentry duty!

Although Kai’s strength had not returned and his divine sense was not as strong as before, he always felt that behind them, there was the aura of a demonic beast following them!

After all, Kai had the power of the dragon and phoenix inside him, and this divine beast’s power was very sensitive to the scent of beasts!

After a late night, everyone went to sleep, after all, they were all rather dull after walking so far, while Kai stood quietly on one side, looking in a direction in the darkness!

Slowly, a demon wolf slowly began to approach the camp, Kai had already sensed it, but he didn’t make a sound, nor did he try to stop it!

Just as the demon wolf approached the camp, it suddenly stopped walking, as if it had discovered something terrible, and began to become agitated, then turned its head and ran backwards!

Kai looked at the white powder on the ground and knew that it must be the white powder that had worked, so it seemed that this Wu Feiyu’s pill-making skills were not bad!

Not long after that demon wolf ran, a human figure unexpectedly appeared behind a big tree, when Kai saw this figure, his eyebrows just frowned slightly!

Immediately afterwards, without hesitation, he went towards the figure, while the figure turned and ran.

Kai was chasing after the figure, and the figure was not running in front of him!

But he didn’t run far before the figure stopped and Kai stood not far from the figure and asked in a small voice “What are you? Why do you have the aura of a demonic beast on you?”

He saw the figure slowly turn around, and the hairs on his body instantly made Kai understand that the person in front of him was a demonic beast!

Being able to transform from a demonic beast into a human form, it was clear that the other party’s strength was not low, and was by no means something Kai could handle with his current strength, but Kai wasn’t nervous!

Even if he couldn’t defeat the opponent, it would still be difficult for him to hurt himself!

“And who are you? Why do you have the aura of a human and the aura of a divine beast at the same time?”

The other party asked back at Kai!

But Kai didn’t answer, after all, he didn’t know the other party’s intentions, so how could Kai reveal his identity!

Neither Kai nor the other was talking, they were just looking at each other!

The eyes all carried a distrust of each other.

At that moment, there was a sudden sound, followed by a flash of the man’s body, instantly concealing himself in the darkness of the night.

But as the other person flashed away, he said in a secret method of voice transmission, “My name is Lang Feng, I will be looking for you ……”

Kai still wanted to ask the other party, but behind him came the voice of that Zhang Biao “You kid not guarding the camp, what are you doing here? Are you trying to escape?”

Kai looked at that Zhang Bill, then said indifferently “I’m just convenient!”


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