A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2534

But in order to stabilize Yun’er and Ali and the others, Kai didn’t say anything about his analysis!

“Can I join you guys? If not, I also hope you guys won’t reveal my identity!”

Hu Zhuang looked expectantly at Kai, for he could also see that Kai was the head of these four people!

“I’ve agreed for you to join us, and if there is really danger, I hope we can help each other!”

Kai said as he looked at Hu Zhuang!

When Hu Zhuang saw Kai’s agreement, a smile appeared on his face, and the look he gave Kai and the others began to look steadfast and trusting!

When Hu Zhuang joined Kai and the others, no one paid any attention to the fact that the group was already slowly entering the depths of the mountain range!

The aura of demonic beasts around them was getting stronger and stronger, and many people had already taken out their weapons and were looking around vigilantly!

Some of the timid ones even had cold sweat on their foreheads!

However, Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu still looked relaxed, not nervous because they were deep into the mountain range.

Looking at the expressions of Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu, Kai knew that the strength of these two men would not be too bad!

“Ow ……”

Suddenly a demonic beast roared, instantly stopping the crowd in their tracks, followed by the sight of a demonic wolf the size of a yak darting towards them!

Looking at the size of this demonic wolf, its strength was definitely not low, or else it wouldn’t dare to come charging towards so many people alone!

Seeing a demon wolf charging over, Ali and the others nervously flashed their weapons!

But just as the demon wolf was about to charge in front of them, they saw Wu Feiyu wave his right hand and a white light flashed out!

Immediately afterwards, the demon wolf let out a scream and instantly rolled twice on the ground and died!

Everyone was shocked to see that Wu Feiyu had killed a demon wolf with a casual wave of his hand!

And Kai looked at the demon wolf’s corpse and found that a silver shiny dart was stuck on the demon wolf’s head!

Being able to kill a demon wolf of such a large size with a single dart, Kai felt that this Wu Feiyu’s strength must be above the Out-of-Body realm!

“Alright, don’t even look at it, keep walking ……”

Zhang Bei shouted!

The crowd began to continue to follow behind Zhang Bei and Wu Feiyu, but many of them still kept looking back at the demon wolf’s corpse, knowing that a demon wolf of such a large size was worth a lot of money, but there was no way for them to take the demon wolf’s corpse away now!

“Brother Kai, a demon wolf carcass of this size will definitely fetch a good price, why don’t you put this demon wolf carcass into your storage ring?”

Pillar looked at the demon wolf corpse with pity, so he said to Kai!

But Kai shook his head slightly, then whispered to Pillar, “Pillar, don’t say anything about me having a storage ring so easily, so as not to invite unnecessary trouble!”

“If I put the demon wolf corpse into the storage ring, then all these people will know about it, think about it, if they see a treasure like a storage ring, will they not be moved?”

Pillar was still young, so he still knew too little about human nature and was more or less naive.

“Pillar, what Kai said is right, don’t easily reveal your strength and bottom card outside, if these people know that Kai has a storage ring on him, they might attack us in a group.”

“There’s also the possibility that that Zhang Bei and his senior brother also want the storage ring and go after us, do you think a few of us are a match for that Zhang Bei?”

Ah Li also took the opportunity to start educating the pillar!

After hearing this, Pillar nodded his head “I know ……”

Just after the crowd had left, a man covered in hair slowly walked up to the corpse of the demon wolf that had just been killed!

Slowly squatting down, he pulled the darts off the demon wolf’s head!

“Ow …………”

Immediately after that, from the man’s mouth, a wolf whistle actually came out, followed by hundreds of demon wolves converging from all directions!

This man brought hundreds of demon wolves with him, heading in the direction of Kai and the others!


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