A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2533

The suddenness of Hu Zhuang telling them this, and his deliberate closeness, had to make Ally and the others wary!

Hu Zhuang sensed Kai’s hostility and hurriedly explained, “I overheard all this, I originally wanted to steal medicine from the Security Hall, I didn’t have money to buy it, but I overheard this information.”

“The reason I told you guys is that I want to form an alliance with you guys, you know that the immortal herbs grow deep in the mountains and there might be spirit beasts protecting them, so this time it will be very dangerous.”

“In this group, I’m the only one who is alone, so if we really encounter danger, there won’t even be anyone to help.”

Hu Zhuang’s explanation made sense, but Kai did not believe it gullibly, but continued to ask “Then why did you choose to ally with me? We are not the strongest.”

After all, Kai was the least conspicuous among the group, two men and a woman, with a small child, so if they were to choose an alliance, they would have to choose the strongest one!

Hu Zhuang laughed bitterly and said, “Because it is safest to choose to ally with you, I know you are from Bashi Village, and you also have a grudge against Da Qing Village.”

“I would like to follow a strong alliance, but they may not accept me? Maybe they will even betray me to the Big Green Village.”

“I chose you because even if you don’t accept me, you won’t betray me to Big Green Village.”

As Kai listened, that hostility in his body slowly disappeared, and he knew that what Hu Zhuang said was true!

After all, in this situation, Hu Zhuang had no choice, so it seemed that what Hu Zhuang had said about Divine Doctor Zhang, then it would not be false!

Although Kai had put his heart down for Hu Zhuang, he was worried about the rest of his journey!

Kai still did not know what kind of immortal herbs Wu Feiyu and the others were going to pick, but if they could reach the level of immortal herbs, they would definitely be protected by spirit beasts.

Even if there were no spirit beasts, when they entered the depths of the mountain range, the high level demonic beasts that were everywhere would make it impossible for these people to return!

“I knew things weren’t so seen, I didn’t expect that the divine doctor Zhang would be picking immortal herbs, this is going to be troublesome ……”

Ah Li said with a frown!

“Brother Ah Li, or we should sneak away and not follow!”

Pillar was a little scared when he heard that he was going to the depths of the mountain range to pick immortal herbs, after all, the depths of the mountain range was a forbidden place for them!

“We can’t run away, the strength of Divine Doctor Zhang is no match for us, if we were to sneak away now, I’m afraid we wouldn’t get very far before he kills us!”

Hu Zhuang hurriedly told the pillar to dismiss the idea of running away!

When Pillar heard this, his face turned white with fear and he said, “Then what should we do? If we go deep into the mountain range, we will all become food for the demon beasts!”

Ah Li was silent, for there was nothing he could do.

Yun’er said with a guilty look on her face, “Brother Ah Li, Brother Kai, I am sorry for you all, if it wasn’t for me, I wouldn’t have taken this risk.”

“Yun’er, it’s nothing to do with you, although it’s picking immortal herbs, it doesn’t have to be very dangerous, be optimistic, it will be fine!”

Kai smiled faintly and comforted Yun’er!

However, at this moment, Kai’s heart was not as relaxed as it seemed, because he knew that Wu Feiyu’s strength was definitely not low, and that Zhang Biao, both of these people were stronger than these people of theirs, so why would he let these people, who were not very strong, accompany him to pick medicine?

He knew that these were villagers in the vicinity and their strength was not high, so they would not be able to fight the high level demonic beasts when they went deep into the mountain range, but Wu Feiyu had to do this, so there must be other purposes in it.


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