A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2532

“Brother Ah Li, with Brother Kai around, we don’t have to be afraid of anything!”

Pillar wasn’t afraid at all, he had reached the point of blind worship for Kai!

“We’d better be careful, this trip will definitely be dangerous ……”

Kai warned!

Kai didn’t know why, the first time he saw that Wu Feiyu, he felt that this person was a very ruthless person!

After walking for several hours, the group then entered the mountain range, where the dense forest blocked the sunlight!

Although they had entered the mountain range, the crowd did not change their expressions, after all, this was the edge of the mountain range, even if there were demonic beasts, they would not be very powerful, and they, the people, could handle it perfectly!

On the way, Zhang Bei found the opportunity to talk to Wu Fei Yu, but Wu Fei Yu looked like he didn’t care!

“Who the hell is this guy? The divine Doctor Zhang seems to be afraid of him, you know he’s a big name in Qing Shi Town, but this guy doesn’t give any face!”

Pillar saw how lowly Zhang Bei looked in front of Wu Feiyu and said in disbelief!

“I haven’t seen this person in Qing Shi Town either, his face is very raw ah ……”

A Li looked at that Wu Fei Yu and said!

“This is Divine Doctor Zhang’s senior brother, of course Divine Doctor Zhang is afraid of him ……”

Just as Ah Li and the others were talking, a middle-aged man with a beard approached Ah Li and the others and said!

Ah Li glanced at the middle-aged man with a wary look in his eyes, after all, in the Celestial Human Interface one maintains a wary heart towards people they don’t know!

The middle-aged man looked at the caution in Ah Li’s eyes and then continued, “My name is Hu Zhuang, from Jinle Village ……”

“You’re from Jinle Village?” Pillar stepped forward and looked at Hu Zhuang, “How did you end up here? Didn’t you say that your Jinle Village was slaughtered by Da Qing Village a long time ago?”

Hearing Pillar’s words, Hu Zhuang looked slightly sad and said, “Yes, it was slaughtered, but I escaped a disaster.

He looked at Hu Zhuang, who did not look like he was lying, and said, “You are alone, how can you take revenge?

“I will take revenge even if I die. This time Doctor Zhang promised me to make a riot pill for me, and I promised to accompany him to collect medicine.”

Hu Zhuang opened his mouth and said!

At the sound of the Riot Pill, a hint of surprise flashed across Ah Li’s and their faces, and Kai also had a slightly shaken expression on his face!

Although the Rupture Pill could quickly boost one’s strength, it could only last for ten minutes before the whole person would explode like a bomb and not even a corpse would remain!

It seemed that this Hu Zhuang was determined to sacrifice himself in order to take revenge!

“You just said that that man is Divine Doctor Zhang’s senior brother, what’s going on?”

Kai asked to Hu Zhuang.

“Yes, I haven’t heard that Divine Doctor Zhang has any senior brother, and I’ve even less heard that Divine Doctor Zhang has any clan!”

Ah Li had followed Divine Doctor Zhang a few times, and he had come to Qing Shi Town not once or twice, and had never heard anyone talk about it!

The first time I saw him, I had to go up to the mountain range to pick some medicine, and he ordered him to pick an immortal herb.

Kai looked at Hu Zhuang and his face sank slightly as he said “How do you know this? Why are you telling us?”

To know that some things were secrets and would not be easily told, and in the Celestial Realm, people’s hearts were malicious and people were suspicious of each other, so how could anyone be kind!

Ah Li and the others all looked at that Hu Zhuang too, and unconsciously surrounded him!


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