A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2531

“Divine Doctor Zhang, is it really as simple as accompanying you to pick a herb?”

Ah Li was a bit incredulous, was this kind of thing even called something?

“Of course, do you still suspect me of lying to you?” Zhang Bill said with a cold look on his face!

“No, no, no, I just think it’s too easy, we agreed to accompany Divine Doctor Zhang to pick herbs tomorrow.”

Without hesitation, Ah Li agreed!

“Alright then, you guys will stay in Qing Shi Town today, we’ll set off first thing tomorrow morning.”

Zhang Bei said!

Ah Li nodded and then led Kai and the others out of the security hall, once they came out, Yun’er jumped for joy “Grandma is finally able to rebuild the light!”

“I really didn’t expect this divine doctor to offer such a simple condition!”

Pillar said incredulously!

“Maybe he was touched by Yun’er’s filial piety, so now Yun’er will be relieved that she doesn’t have to think about her grandmother’s eyes!”

Ally said with a smile!

But Kai, who had not said anything, was not as optimistic as Ah Li and the others. He did not believe that this divine doctor had found his conscience and that this time, picking herbs, must have been extremely dangerous.

But Kai didn’t make it clear, he didn’t want to affect Yun’er and Ah Li’s mood, when the time came, Kai himself would just be more vigilant, anyway, with Kai’s current strength, no one in the nearby villages could probably beat him!

Kai found a small hotel and started to rest, waiting for the next day!

At this moment, deep in the mountain range, in the territory of the demon wolf pack, the lead demon wolf was currently crawling at the feet of a man covered in hair, like a wild man!

A low whimpering sound emanated from the wolf’s mouth, while the man, who sometimes frowned and sometimes relaxed, could understand the language of the wolf!

This man was also a demon wolf transformed into a human form, only that he hadn’t fully shed his bones and transformed into a human yet because his strength realm hadn’t been reached!

“A human, how could he possess the aura of a divine beast, could he also be of our beast race category?”

The man fell into deep thought.


The next day, Kai and the others arrived at the Security Hall early. After arriving at the Security Hall, Kai and the others then discovered that Zhang Bei had also arranged for other people to accompany them to collect medicine!

In front of the Security Hall, a dozen people had gathered, and Kai and the others stood in the crowd.

Soon afterwards, Zhang Bill came out, and beside him, followed by his senior brother, Wu Feiyu.

“Senior brother, do you think these people I’ve found are not bad?”

Zhang Biao said carefully beside Wu Feiyu!

Wu Feiyu merely swept an indifferent glance at the crowd and suddenly his gaze lingered on Kai’s body for a moment, while at that moment Kai was also looking at Wu Feiyu, and the two were facing each other with all eyes!

Wu Feiyu moved his gaze away from Kai, while Kai kept looking at that Wu Feiyu, Kai’s current strength had not fully recovered, there was no way to see through this Wu Feiyu, but he could be sure that this Wu Feiyu’s strength was definitely not too low!

In such a poor town, the sudden appearance of an expert like Wu Feiyu gave Kai a sense of crisis, his current strength could not yet follow an expert from the Celestial Realm to meet!

“Let’s go ……”

After sweeping a glance at the crowd, Wu Feiyu said to Zhang Bei!

Zhang Bei nodded, then said loudly “You just be good and follow me to pick the herbs, and I think I will honour all the things I promised you, now let’s go ……”

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“What’s going on here? How come you have to bring so many people with you to pick a herb?”

Yun’er finally sensed that something was wrong and said!

“It seems that picking herbs this time is not as easy as we thought, we all need to be careful!”

Ally could also see that things weren’t easy!


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