A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2528

After looking around and noticing that no one was paying attention to them, Boss Li whispered after Ah Li, “Ah Li, it is because we are old acquaintances that I am giving you five spirit coins a head, if you give it to others, they may not dare to accept it!”

“The people of Da Qing Village have released the news, saying that their village’s hunting team had a team of people who didn’t return and were killed in the territory of the demon wolf pack!”

“So the people from Big Green Village have said that if they see someone coming to hand over a large number of demon wolf corpses, they absolutely cannot take them and have to report it to them, saying that those demon wolf corpses must have been robbed from them.”

“I’m already taking a risk by giving you five spirit coins a head now, I advise you to hurry up and get rid of the demon wolf corpses, otherwise if others find out and report it to Big Green Village, your Bashi Village will be in danger!”

As Ah Li listened to Boss Li’s explanation, his whole body was a bit confused, originally he thought that he could make a small fortune by getting so many demon wolf corpses, but now it seemed that he had thought too much, and he didn’t think that the people of Big Green Village would do this!

She had originally thought that after selling the demon wolf carca*ses and getting her share of the money, she would be able to ask Dr. Zhang to heal her grandmother’s eyes, but now, with this amount of money, she wouldn’t have much left to share!

“These beasts of Da Qing Village, just kill them all ……”

Pillar was furious and muttered out in a low voice!

“Boss Li, can you give a slight increase in the money?” Ah Li begged at Boss Li!

“I can’t, if it’s not for sale then forget it!”

Boss Li said, about to turn around and go back to the room, but was stopped by Ah Li, “Boss Li, five spirit coins, just five spirit coins!”

Ah Li could only compromise, if Boss Li didn’t take it, then the others would be even more afraid to take it!

After the demon wolf corpse was exchanged for the spirit coins, the crowd all bowed their heads and looked sullen!

And Kai also learned that that Big Green Village turned out to be so powerful in this neighbourhood, and many people were afraid of that Big Green Village!

A Li took the coins and did not give them to everyone, but looked at Yun’er and said, “Yun’er, let’s take this money and ask Dr. Zhang to treat your grandmother’s eyes. ……”

The money was earned with our lives, so I can’t give it all to me, let’s share it with everyone.”

“There is no need to divide it, this is what we all mean.”

“Yes, we’ve saved our lives, the score is as good as the money!”

“Yun’er, just take the money and ask Dr. Zhang, it’s your wish for many years to have your granny’s eyes cured!”

Those villagers from Bashi Village who came with her said to Yun’er!

Hearing these words, Yun’er was moved to tears and said, “Thank you all ……”

“All right, you all go back, I’ll accompany Yun’er to ask the divine doctor Zhang!”

A Li told the others to go back!

Only Pillar, Kai, Yun’er and himself were left behind, then he took the money and went to ask Divine Doctor Zhang!

Down the not so wide street of Qing Shi Town, until at the end, there was a shop with a signboard on the left hand side, with the words Security Hall written on it!

“What kind of name is this?” Kai looked at the signboard of the Security Hall and was puzzled, he didn’t understand how a medicine shop clinic could have such a name when it was just a clinic!

“Brother Kai, the name of this Security Hall means to keep you safe, as long as you enter this door, no matter how heavy the injury or illness is, he can keep you safe, that’s why it’s called Security Hall.”

Pillar followed Kai and explained!

Kai, on the other hand, smiled lightly, he did not expect that this divine doctor was quite capable of bragging, which made Kai curious to see how good that divine doctor’s medical skills really were.


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