A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2527

Medicine for external injuries is not difficult to make, Kai made some medicinal powder and then asked the old village chief to take it and apply it to Ali and the men were healed in just two days!

As for Yun’er’s injuries, it only took one day for Kai to let Yun’er recover, and there wasn’t even the slightest scar left on her body!

The people of the village, knowing that Kai was a pharmacist, all sought him out for medical treatment, and Kai became a village doctor, but he was always available to the people of the village!

“Brother Kai, we are going to the town to sell demon wolves today, are you going?”

Yun’er asked to Kai!

“Yes!” Kai nodded his head!

He’d been in Boulder Village for a few days now, and Kai wanted to go out and see the human environment of the Celestial Realm!

At this moment, at the entrance of Bashi Village, Ah Li and the others had long since packed up the demon wolf’s corpse and carried it on their shoulders. When they saw Kai coming, Ah Li and the others all followed Kai and thanked him.

Now, Kai had already gained a high prestige in Bashi Village, and the villagers of Bashi Village all treated Kai as one of them!

The nearest town to Bashi Village was Qing Shi Town, hundreds of kilometres away, and many of the villages nearby took their goods to Qing Shi Town to sell them and buy them from there.

Although everyone has a dream of becoming an immortal, not every cultivator is able to ascend to immortality!

Not even a single cultivator from the bottom would be able to ascend to immortality, for the path to immortality is too difficult and requires too many resources!

Although a hundred kilometres was not close, in the eyes of these cultivators, it was not far at all, and it only took an hour for the group to reach Qing Shi Town!

Kai looked at Qing Shi Town, it was not as majestic as he had imagined, it was just a village with a large population, and there was a square on one side of the town where people were selling their things!

Most of the things for sale here were the corpses of demonic beasts, but there were also some strange-shaped stones or spiritual herbs, but Kai saw that few people asked for these things!

When they arrived, they didn’t sell like the others, but they found a house made of stones, and even before they reached it, Kai could smell the strong smell of blood inside the house!

“Boss Li, the goods are collected ……”

Ah Li shouted from outside the house.

At this time from the stone house came out a big and burly man, still stained with blood, took a look at Ah Li and said “So it’s Ah Li, what’s the delivery today? You haven’t been here for days!”

“Boss Li, today I want to hand over ten demon wolf carca*ses!”

When Ah Li finished speaking, he let the people put the demon wolf carca*ses on the ground!

Boss Li looked at the demon wolf corpses and said with some incredulity “Ah Li, you guys hunted all these demon wolves?”

“Of course, if we didn’t hunt and kill them, did we rob them from someone else? We from Bashi Village are not like Da Qing Village, they are all bandits!”

Ah Li was filled with anger when he thought of those people from Big Green Village!

Boss Li looked at Ah Li and opened his mouth, wanting to say something but not!

Finally, he hesitated and said, “Ah Li, I can only offer you five spirit coins a head for these demon wolf carca*ses of yours.”

“What? Five spirit coins? That’s too little?”

“That’s right, two days ago when we came to hand in the demon wolf carca*s, it was still twenty spirit coins!”

“Boss Li, you’re doing business too shabbily.”

As soon as Boss Li’s words left his mouth, those people from Bashi Village all yelled!

The face of Ah Li was also a bit ugly, “Boss Li, we have known each other for a long time, and I know the price of demon wolf carca*ses, isn’t this five spirit coins a head too cheap?”


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