A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2526

Rue nodded, which brought a small smile to her face!

“Brother Kai, why don’t I go with you to collect medicine? I’m familiar with the terrain here!”

Pillar wanted to follow Kai to go with him to pick medicine.

In fact, Pillar had another plan in mind, that was to follow Kai and learn some more skills, if he could learn some medicine refining and become a medicine master, that would be even better!

In fact, Kai could also see what Pillar was thinking, but still said, “Pillar, there is time to pick medicine with me later, now that Ah Li and the others are injured, you should escort them back to the village!”

“Brother Kai, you can let Pillar follow, we are out of the demon wolf pack’s territory now, nothing will happen, we can go back by ourselves!”

Ah Li also wanted Pillar to follow Kai and learn more!

After all, Kai was an outsider and would leave Bashi Village at any time, if Pillar could learn to become a medicine master, that would be a great a*set to Bashi Village!

Seeing that Ah Li had said so, Kai agreed and then took Pillar away from the group and started picking herbs!

Because the Celestial Realm is full of spiritual energy, there are countless spiritual herbs in the mountains. If these spiritual herbs were in the secular world, they would be priceless treasures, but here they have become barren gra*s and no one picks them!

Even now, the spiritual energy in the secular world has recovered, but some of the spiritual gra*ses can’t grow in a year and a half, some of them take ten or even a hundred years to grow!

“Pillar, see, this kind with oval leaves and light green is called …………”

As Kai picked the herbs, he was explaining to Pillar, he was also teaching Pillar some of the most basic foundations of a pillager!

If you can’t even identify herbs, there’s no way you can become a pill maker!

Pillar learned very carefully, he could remember what Kai taught him once, and then he helped Kai pick the herbs together!

Before it got dark, Kai and Pillar picked a lot of herbs and returned to Bashi Village!

A Li and the others had already returned, and the old village chief had sent someone to clean their wounds and put a black poultice on them!

These were just some of the remedies in Bashi Village, some people had no money for medical treatment, so they could only use these remedies on their wounds, whether they would get well or not, it was up to God!

Kai and Pillar had just arrived at Bashi Village, the old village chief was already waiting in the village square with everyone from Bashi Village!

Seeing that Kai had returned, the old village chief, with all the villagers of Bashi Village, actually all knelt down for Kai!

“Mr. Chen, thank you for saving our Boulder Village! ……”

The old village chief said with a face full of excitement!

If Kai hadn’t saved Ah Li and the others, then their Boulder Village would be even less capable of surviving in the future after losing these young talents!

“Old Village Chief, what are you doing, get up ……”

Kai hurriedly helped the old village chief up and told all the villagers to get up as well!

“Mr. Chen, if it wasn’t for you this time, Ah Li and the others wouldn’t have been able to return, Ah Li told me everything that happened, I didn’t expect you to be a medicine master, you are really deep in hiding.”

The old village chief complimented Kai!

“This is what I should have done, if it wasn’t for Boulder Village, I’m afraid I would have died in the middle of the jungle.”

Kai said, taking out all the demon wolf corpses from his storage ring and said, “Old Village Chief, send someone to dispose of these demon wolf corpses, I need to refine some pills so that Ah Li and the others can recover as soon as possible!”

“Good, good, Mr. Chen, whatever you need to do, just ask in Bashi Village, from now on all the villagers in Bashi Village will be at your service!”

The old village chief said three good words in a row!

Kai didn’t ask for anything, he just asked for a pot, and then rushed back to the courtyard of Yun’er’s house and began to refine pills within the courtyard!


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