A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2523

Kai, on the other hand, was leading the pillar unhurriedly towards Ali and the others, and none of the demon wolves on either side dared to attack!

Seeing that there were only two of them, Kai and Pillar, Ah Li and the others were stunned!

Yun’er was even more anxious, “Brother Kai, why are you here, go quickly, it’s too dangerous here ……”

Yun’er wanted to let Kai escape while the demon wolves didn’t react!

With so many demon wolves, Kai and the pillar were the only two people who would come to die for nothing!

“Yun’er, I’m asking Pillar to bring to your rescue!”

Kai said!

“Brother Kai, if you weren’t injured, you might be able to save us, now that you yourself are so badly injured and haven’t recovered at all, you can only send us to our deaths by coming.”

Yun’er had an anxious look on her face!

Now there were hundreds of demon wolves in the whole pack, as the saying goes, many ants bite the elephant, even if one or two demon wolves could not defeat Kai, but with so many demon wolves together, could Kai still cope?

In fact, Kai had also thought about this question, but now Kai still had confidence in his heart, because he knew that these demon wolves did not dare to attack him!

“Yun’er, don’t worry, I have a way to get you out!”

Kai said confidently!

“Kai, I’m grateful that you came to save us, but so many demon wolves are simply beyond your ability to deal with, take the pillar and go, don’t die here in vain!”

Ali didn’t believe that Kai could deal with the wolves either!

“Brother Ah Li, Sister Yun’er, maybe Brother Kai can really get you out, Brother Kai has recovered so well now, the gang from Da Qing Village that captured you were all killed by Brother Kai alone!”

Pillar believed Kai’s words, because he had seen Kai kill those people from Da Qing Village with his own eyes!

Hearing that Kai had killed all those people from Da Qing Village, Ah Li and the others all looked a little surprised, and then excitement appeared on their faces!

“Great, those brutes are all dead, even if we die it’s worth it ……”

A villager from Bashi village said happily!

“Don’t worry, since I’m here, you guys can’t die ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

But at that moment, the demon wolf at the head of the group hissed, and numerous demon wolves re-encircled Ah Li and the others, and this time Kai was also encircled within!

It should be that the demon wolf in the lead sensed the threat from Kai and directly commanded a dozen demon wolves to charge towards Kai, and the other demon wolves were also ready to attack at any time!

Seeing this, Ah Li and the others could only drag their extremely tired and bruised bodies with their weapons and prepare to follow Kai to meet these demon wolves!

“You guys don’t move, I’ll be enough alone!”

Kai surprisingly stepped out to stop Ah Li and the others, then his eyes faintly stared!

A burst of aura erupted from Kai’s body, and this aura actually carried the power of the Dragon and Phoenix within it!

Although Kai hadn’t fully recovered, just a little outburst of this dragon and phoenix power could produce a great sense of oppression on those demonic beasts!

Sure enough, after Kai’s aura burst out, those demon wolves that were originally charging at Kai instantly stopped in their tracks!

The demon wolf at the head of the group looked at Kai with fright in his eyes, and his body was trembling slightly!

“Ow! …………”

The demon wolf at the head suddenly let out a panicked cry!

Immediately afterwards, hundreds of demon wolves, turned their heads and ran, without a single moment’s hesitation!

In just ten seconds or so, there was not a single demon wolf left on the scene, only a few dead demon wolf corpses lying on the ground!

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw this scene!

Even though Kai was prepared, he didn’t expect that he could scare these demon wolves like this by merely radiating a little bit of Dragon and Phoenix power!

But these demon wolves were not strong, so of course they were scared when they felt the aura of a divine beast, they just didn’t know if this dragon and phoenix power would work when they encountered a high-level demon beast!


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