A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2522

Deep in the demon wolves’ pack territory, Ally and the others are following the demon wolves in a bloody battle, several of them have died in front of them, but there are more of them eyeing them.

A Li and the others are all wounded, fighting and retreating, but with so many demon wolves, it is only a matter of time before they are buried in their mouths!

But this demon wolf leader didn’t seem to be in a hurry to kill Ah Li and the others, he just surrounded them with wolves and kept pushing them deeper and deeper into the mountain range!

If these demon wolves wanted to kill Ah Li, they could have just swarmed them, but the demon wolf leader didn’t do that, he just sent one or two demon wolves to attack Ah Li and them!

“I’m sorry everyone, I’ve caused this, if we don’t run into here, we might still have a chance of surviving ……”

Ally looked at the crowd exhausted and bloodied, and was instantly saddened!

If he hadn’t led the crowd to run into this demon wolf’s clan land in order to escape from the people of Big Green Village, they wouldn’t be in this state now!

Even if the people of Big Green Village had killed them, they couldn’t have killed them all, but now these demon wolves wouldn’t have spared any of them!

“Brother Ah Li, we don’t blame you, since we are fated to do so, let’s follow these demon wolves in a painful battle!”

A villager from Bashi village said!

“Ah Li, you’ve done well, you’ve done it for our own good, no one will blame you, it’s just a pity that after we die, Bashi Village’s life will be even more difficult!”

An older Boulder Village villager said!

“I’m not afraid of dying, it’s just that if I die, what about Granny? Her eyes haven’t been cured yet ……”

Yun’er looked downcast, it wasn’t that she was afraid of dying, she was just worried that her granny would have no one to care for her!

“The pillar has run back to the village, maybe he will bring the old village headman and the others to save us!”

Someone said optimistically!

“Impossible, this is too far from Bashi village, and even if the old village chief brings the people to the rescue, I’m afraid he’s no match for these demon wolves, rather than all dying in the demon wolves’ mouths, it’s better not to let them come to the rescue!”

said the oldest villager of Bashi Village!

For a while, pessimism filled the hearts of all the villagers of Bashi Village!

“These demon wolves are trying to drive us into the depths, maybe it’s their den, we can’t retreat any further, let’s fight to the death!

Ally said in a deep voice, holding his weapon!

All of them nodded, clutching their weapons tightly in their hands, they had also found out what the wolves were up to!

“Kill …………”

Ally roared and took the lead in charging towards that wolf pack!

“Kill ……”

Everyone in Bashi village, all followed and rushed up, often in times of desperation, people can explode with their full strength!

“Ow …………”

A demon wolf saw this and charged directly towards Ali, who was charging ahead of them!

Whoosh …………

But just as the demon wolf was about to rush in front of Ali, an arrow feather suddenly shot rapidly from the side, instantly penetrating the neck of that demon wolf, followed by a tremendous force, directly taking the whole demon wolf flying out and then nailing it viciously on top of a tree!

This sudden turn of events caused Ally and the others to freeze instantly, and even those demon wolves turned their heads, as if sensing danger!

“Brother Kai, you …… are simply great ……”

Pillar said excitedly as he looked at the demon wolves that were nailed to the trees!

And at this moment, Kai, holding Pillar’s bow and arrow in his hand, just shot that arrow by him!

If Kai had recovered his strength and taken out his God King’s bow, he would have killed at least half of these demon wolves with one arrow!

“Brother Kai …………”

“Kai ……”

Ah Li and Yun’er shouted out with shocked faces after seeing Kai and the pillar!


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