A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2518

“The smell of human blood, someone should be injured up ahead!”

After that demon wolf flashed by, Kai smelled the strong smell of human blood from that demon wolf’s body!

“Human blood? It can’t be Brother Ah Li and the others, can it?”

Pillar said nervously!

“Let’s go and have a look ……” Kai led the pillar and followed the smell of blood!

Soon they found a gnawed and disfigured corpse, which had obviously been gnawed by that demon wolf just now!

“Wow …………”

Seeing the corpse, Pillar vomited straight away, he was a kid after all, he hadn’t seen such a bloody scene!

Kai frowned slightly and bent down to examine the body carefully, but because the face was completely unrecognizable, Kai couldn’t recognize who the body was!

“Pillar, can you see if this is someone from Bashi Village?” Kai asked to the pillar!

Pillar could only cover his mouth and nose, forcing himself to look twice, then shook his head “This is not, this is someone from Da Qing Village, their clothes can be identified!”

“How did the people from Big Green Village appear here?”

Kai frowned slightly, somewhat confused “Could it be that the people from Da Qing Village captured Yun’er and the others and didn’t return to Da Qing Village, but went deep into this mountain range?”

Kai pondered for a moment, then got up and took a look at the disfigured corpses, this was the celestial realm that everyone in the secular world aspired to, while the people here were struggling desperately for food and clothing all day long!

“Brother Kai, could it be that the people of Da Qing Village have captured Brother Ah Li and the others as bait in order to capture high-level demonic beasts?”

Pillar also asked in disbelief!

“If there are people from Bashi Village as bait, how come the people who died here are from Da Qing Village? We’d better hurry and go after them to see!”

Kai said, and led Pillar to speed up!

Along the way, Kai kept observing the surroundings, he saw some trees with blood stains on them, and human blood at that, so if he followed the blood stains and looked down, he should be able to catch up!

“Ow …………”

Suddenly, just as Kai was leading the pillar all the way to find the chase, a demon wolf instantly rushed over, two eerie eyes staring at Kai and the pillar, and this demon wolf’s mouth was also full of blood!

But it looked like this demon wolf hadn’t had enough to eat, so it was staring at the two of them, Kai and Pillar!

The aura this wolf demon emitted was terrifying, which caused Kai to frown slightly!

“It seems that my strength recovery is still too little, and I was not able to detect this demon wolf in advance.”

Kai muttered to himself!

With Kai’s skills, if he hadn’t been injured before, even if they were miles apart, a terrifying aura like that of a demon wolf, Kai would be able to sense it very quickly!

But now that this demon wolf had arrived in front of him, he realised that obviously his strength had recovered too little, and his divine sense had not recovered either!

Pillar took his long knife and looked at the demon wolf in front of him, his legs trembled violently, he was scared, scared to death!

Now it was just him and Kai, how could he deal with this demon wolf!

Kai reached out with his right hand and grabbed towards the void, instinctively trying to grab the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand!

Unfortunately, the Dragon Cutting Sword did not appear, the sword spirit Zhong Li was injured and was recuperating at the moment, so Kai forgot about it!

The pillar at the side looked at Kai’s open right hand and kept grasping it, he thought Kai had no weapon and was asking himself for one, so he handed the long sword he was holding to Kai!

Kai looked at the long knife and could only smile lightly, having a long knife in his hand was better than having his bare hands!

“Roar ……”

The demon wolf roared, then his body turned into a stump, charging towards Kai The speed of the demon wolf was fast.

When Pillar saw this, he was so scared that he backed up and his face turned pale!

Kai was holding his long sword and was also on guard, after all, how much strength he had recovered, Kai himself didn’t know!


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