A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2517

“Brother Kai, up ahead is where we were robbed, I just don’t know if Brother Ah Li and the others are still there!”

“But we can’t go deeper into the mountain range either, because there are many powerful demonic beasts inside that are terribly strong!”

“But this kind of demonic beasts, the price is also very expensive, beast pills, and beast meat can be sold for a lot of money.”

“When I cultivate well and my strength is high and strong, I will go deep into the mountain range to hunt demonic beasts for money, and then I will trample the people of Big Green Village under my feet.”

Pillar had a serious look on his face and a yearning in his eyes!

He yearned for strength, for the day when he would become a strong man!

“When my body recovers, I’ll take you to hunt high-level demonic beasts!”

Kai said as he stroked the pillar’s head!

“Brother Kai, I heard from the people in the village that you are a very strong and powerful person, even our village’s stone house can’t trap you, is that true?”

Pillar looked at Kai and asked.

Kai nodded “Not bad, it’s true ……”

“Holy s**t, Brother Kai, are you really that awesome? You teach me to cultivate, I want to be as strong as you.” After Pillar said excitedly, the excitement on his face soon disappeared and he said “You are so strong, but you were still beaten almost to death, it seems you are not the strongest, I want to be the strongest!”

Kai smiled and stroked Pillar’s head, “I believe in you, you will definitely become the strongest.”

Pillar was small and probably didn’t know what the strongest man was like!

Pillar walked with Kai for a while longer, then looked around and took a closer look at a tree, then frowned and said “This is it, why is there no one here?”

“Pillar, what’s wrong?” Kai asked!

“Brother Kai, Brother Ali and Sister Yun’er were caught here, but there is no one here now, I marked the tree.”

Pillar pointed to a mark on the tree and said!

“These people have probably left and taken the people to Da Qing Village, right?”

Kai asked.

“It’s possible, if they were taken to Big Green Village, it would be a problem, we wouldn’t be able to get them out, we would have to give them spirit coins to do so!”

Pillar said with a melancholy look on his face!

“Pillar, do you know where Big Green Village is?”

Kai asked.

“Of course I know, it’s just across here and then around that little hill, but we’ll get to Da Qing Village and it’ll probably be dark.”

“Besides, with just the two of us, even if we get to Da Qing Village, we can’t do anything, it’s possible that the two of us will be arrested too!”

Pillar said!

“Isn’t there a shortcut to Da Qing Village? Do we have to take such a long detour?” Kai didn’t understand why there was a detour to Da Qing Village!

“Of course there is a shortcut, we are close by going straight through this mountain range, only that the demonic beasts in the depths of this mountain range are too strong and dangerous, no one goes there at all!” Pillar said!

“It’s alright, take me with you, if it takes too long, it’s possible that Yun’er and the others will be in danger!”

Kai said with great confidence!

Pillar looked at Kai, then nodded and led Kai deeper into the mountain range!

As they continued to go deeper and deeper, the aura of demonic beasts around them became more and more intense, and Pillar held his long knife in his hand, his forehead was tense with cold sweat!

“Pillar, don’t be so nervous, I will protect you!”

Kai saw that Pillar was too nervous, so he persuaded him!

But just as he finished speaking, he saw a demon wolf flash by, and Pillar hurriedly bent his bow and set up an arrow ready to shoot, but was stopped by Kai, because Kai could see that the demon wolf wasn’t coming for the two of them, and there was blood all over the demon wolf’s mouth!

This was because the demon wolf had had enough and was not interested in Kai and the two of them, that’s why it didn’t attack in a flash!


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