A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2516

It’s as easy as an adult hitting a child!

Kai found out that the highest combatant in this Bashi village, Ah Li, was only a cultivator who had just stepped into the Transformation Realm, which in the mundane realm of martial artists was at best a Grand Martial Marquis!

Even if Kai recovered a little bit of strength, he would be able to beat the Great Martial Marquis.

“You can really save the people?” The old village chief looked at Kai with some disbelief!

“Old Village Chief, it was Yun’er who saved me and allowed me to stay in Bashi Village, and the villagers of your Bashi Village did not make things difficult for Yun’er by driving me away, which equates to Bashi Village being kind to me, so how could I possibly lie to you!”

Kai said with a sincere face!

The old village chief looked at Kai and nodded after a moment, “Alright, then let the pillar take you there, but come back immediately if you encounter danger!”

“Understood, thank you old village chief ……”

Kai was very grateful!

In fact, the old village chief also knew that even if he brought all the people of Bashi Village, it would only add to the casualties, and maybe their Bashi Village would be wiped out from then on!

Since Kai was so convinced, the old village chief decided to let Kai try!

“Pillar, let’s not delay, let’s go ……”

Kai urged at the pillar!

Pillar glanced at the old village chief, who waved his hand and said “Go on, be safe ……”

Pillar nodded, then led Kai out of the room!

When he passed by the door of his house, he took out a long knife as tall as himself and a bow and arrow from inside his room.

“Let me see the people of Big Green Village and I’ll shoot them to death ……”

Pillar gritted his teeth, looking like he hated the people of Big Green Village!

“Pillar, do the people from this Big Green Village always bully you?”

Kai asked.

“No, they are always bullying us because of their large number of people and their strength. Originally, we each had our own hunting grounds in this part of the mountain range!”

“But every year, Big Green Village expands their territory, squeezing our Bashi Village hunting grounds to the fringes, and it’s getting smaller and smaller.”

“Every time we go out, we harvest very little before returning, so the people of our village are getting poorer and poorer too ……”

Pillar introduced!

As soon as Kai heard this, it seemed that this Da Qing Village and Bashi Village were still feuding for ages, both for the sake of grabbing resources!

“This Big Green Village’s people just grabbed things, why did they hurt people? What did he do by capturing Yun’er and the others?”

Kai was puzzled, since it was over resources and there was no other hatred, it was fine to snatch things away, why did he still grab people!

“Brother Kai, you don’t know at all, the people of this Big Green Village are bad, they capture our people just to get something to ransom them, and they will sneakily raid our village and rob our things, the guard tower in our village is to prevent the Big Green Village from sneaking in.”

“Not only do they rob things, but they also kill people, back then my father was killed by their people from Big Green Village ……”

Pillar said, and actually started crying!

Kai took a look and immediately went forward and stroked the pillar’s head, then asked “How can the people of this Da Qing village be so bad? They are simply bandits ……”

“They are bandits, in the past, this Da Qing Village was a bandit village, later because of its good location and extensive hunting grounds, it slowly attracted many people to settle down, so the current Da Qing Village was formed.”

Pillar explained!

As soon as Kai heard this, he instantly understood, no wonder these people of Da Qing Village were ruthless, so they were a bunch of vicious bandits!

As Kai and Pillar chatted and walked, they soon arrived at the foot of the mountain range.

There were demonic beasts at the foot of this mountain range from time to time, but they were usually small demonic beasts of a lower rank, not really worth much, so in order to catch large demonic beasts, Ali and the others would go a little deeper into the jungle!


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