A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2514

Kai knew that the people of Bashi Village lived in poverty, and Yun’er’s family even more so. It looked like Ah Li was taking care of Yun’er, taking her with him every time he hunted so that she could benefit from it too!

If there was no one to take care of her, how could Yun’er, a 17 or 18 year old girl, take care of an old woman who was blind, how could she live?

“Brother Kai, eat quickly, granny and I don’t like meat, you have to eat more to nourish your body!”

Yun’er said happily as she saw Kai looking better and better!

“En, I’ll eat ……”

Kai nodded his head!

Kai himself wanted to regain his strength as soon as possible so that he could help Yun’er, but with his current strength, there was no one in Bashi Village who could beat him, even that Ah Li was no match for Kai!

Looking at Kai who was wolfing down his food, Yun’er laughed!

“Yun’er, do you guys go out hunting every day?”

Kai asked to Yun’er!

He wanted to learn more about Bashi Village, more about the environment over here, when Kai had only passed through here, and had no knowledge of Bashi Village at all!

“Of course, if we don’t go out hunting every day, what will we eat? And I have to sell the animal skins and pellets to hire the best doctor in town to treat Grandma’s eyes!”

Yun’er said with great optimism!

“Yun’er, don’t worry about granny’s eyes, you mustn’t overwork yourself, I can’t see well with these eyes, don’t waste your energy!”

The old woman urged at Yun’er!

“Granny you don’t need to care, I have asked around, the divine doctor Zhang has returned to the town, when there is time I will ask him to come and treat your eyes!”

Yun’er said with a faint smile!

Looking at Yun’er’s optimistic attitude, Kai was touched, under such difficult conditions, Yun’er, a seventeen or eighteen year old child, could still be so optimistic!

After eating, Yun’er once again followed the village people to go hunting, while Kai stayed in his room to cultivate!

In the past few days, Kai did not say a word to the old woman, and they were both a bit wary of each other.

When Kai finished his training and opened his eyes, it was already dark outside, but Yun’er didn’t call him to eat!

Usually by this time, Yun’er would have already returned from hunting and called him to eat!

But now there was no movement, so Kai got up and walked out!

When he went out, he found the old lady standing at the courtyard door, looking a bit anxious, as if she was also waiting for Yun’er to return!

“I don’t think so, Yun’er has never been this late and not come back?”

“It couldn’t be that she’s encountered some danger, could it?”

The old woman muttered to herself as she crossed her steps!

Just when Kai wanted to go up and ask what was going on, a young boy in his teens ran over, bare-chested, and shouted “No, our prey has been robbed, and Brother Ali and the others have been captured, so let’s get our weapons and go save them! …… ”

With the boy’s shouting, a lot of people gathered in Bashi village, both male and female, old and young, but everyone had a weapon in their hands!

And the old woman, after hearing that Yun’er and the girls had been robbed, obviously looked more anxious!

“Little friend, what’s going on?”

Kai stopped the little boy at that moment and asked!

The little boy looked at Kai and then said, “Brother Ah Li, Sister Yun’er and the others had good luck today and hunted a demon tiger, but they were stopped by people from the next village, Da Qing, who wanted the demon tiger, but Brother Ah Li didn’t give it to them, so they got into a fight.”

“Brother Ah Li and Sister Yun’er were both injured and held up by them, I was fleeing back to shout for someone to save them.”

As soon as Kai heard that Yun’er had been injured, a touch of killing intent instantly gushed out from his body, this killing intent directly caused the little boy to tremble, looking at Kai and not daring to move a muscle!


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