A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2512

Because in all these years, the granny had never taken care of her and never reprimanded her a single time!

Although the two were not related by blood, they were like family.

The old woman seemed to feel Yun’er’s aggrieved look, and her originally grim face eased up a bit, “Yun’er, you go out first, I really have something to say to your brother Kai, your brother Kai has difficulty standing up by himself now, if you give him the weapon, he won’t be able to hold it, so just leave it for now!”

“Oh!” Yun’er nodded, then glanced at Kai, who also gestured for Yun’er to go out!

Although Kai didn’t know what this old woman was looking for to talk to him about, she shouldn’t be able to harm him, after all, he had been unconscious for so many days, if he wanted to harm him, he would have done it already!

After Yun’er had gone out, the old woman walked into the room. Although she was blind, Kai still felt a powerful pressure from this old woman!

“Who the hell are you?” The old woman questioned at Kai.

“What kind of person are you?” Kai asked in return!

After all, this old woman was from the demon race, yet she was living in a small human mountain village, which made Kai a little incredulous!

The old woman also knew that Kai knew her identity, so she did not hide it and said, “I am from the Devil’s Bloodflame Fortress, because our lineage of devils was hunted down, so I have been living in this small mountain village for decades in hiding!”

Kai saw that the old woman was quite sincere, although Kai did not know where the Devil’s Blood Inferno Fortress was, and he did not know why the people of the Blood Inferno Fortress were being hunted, but it did not look like the old woman was lying!

“I am from the secular world!”

Kai also said frankly to the old woman!

“You are nonsense!” As soon as Kai’s words left his mouth, the old woman loudly rebuked, “How can you be from the secular world? You have the Divine King’s Bow in your hand, that is a divine weapon of the Celestial Realm, how many people have tried to obtain it, but all have failed to do so.

In the old lady’s view, so many experts in the Celestial Human Realm had tried to obtain the Divine King’s Bow, but all of them failed to get it, so how could Kai, a person from the mundane world, easily obtain the Divine King’s Bow?

“I do come from the secular realm, as for how I obtained the God King Bow, this is my own matter, no comment.”

Although Kai felt that this old woman would not harm him, he could not tell her everything!

“Then what’s with this injury you have?”

“Your essence blood is almost burned up, and your tendons and veins are broken, your divine sense has collapsed, and your dantian is empty within, you are just a shell now!”

“But I didn’t expect you to wake up after only three days, if it were anyone else, you would be dead by now!”

The old woman asked as she turned to Kai.

“I was injured by an enemy in the secular world, as for how I came here, I am not very clear, I only know that I was sucked into a black hole and then appeared here and was saved by Yun’er!”

Kai said!

The old woman did not say anything, but frowned slightly, and only after a while did she say, “Seeing as you once saved Yun’er’s life, you can stay here, with your current condition, to walk out of here is to die!”

“As for the God King’s Bow, I’ve asked Yun’er to hide it, in your current condition, that God King’s Bow will only bring you disaster!”

“After you recover, I will let Yun’er give you the Divine King’s Bow, don’t worry, although that Divine King’s Bow is a divine weapon treasure, but I will never covet it.”

When the old woman finished speaking, she turned around and walked out, but when she reached the door, she suddenly stopped and admonished Kai, “Even if you wake up, don’t walk around freely, and don’t go out of Bashi Village, so as not to bring disaster to the villagers here!”


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