A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2511

“Brother Kai, wake up, don’t let anything happen to you!”

Yun’er was holding the jade pendant that Kai had once given her, her eyes were full of expectation!

She hoped that Kai would wake up soon, if he didn’t come back to life, Yun’er would feel guilty, after all, her life was saved by Kai!

Just as Yun’er was holding the jade pendant, hoping for Kai to wake up, the dragon wind power that Kai had originally punched into the jade pendant floated out from the pendant and then entered Kai’s body!

It was this same dragon and phoenix power that caused Kai’s shaky body to gain a trace of strength, and Kai slowly opened his eyes!

“Where am I?”

Kai opened his eyes, only to feel that his head was dizzy and his body had no strength. He wanted to get up, but just as he exerted himself, his body was in excruciating pain!

Kai’s whole body had no strength to work, and his arms and legs were not obedient!

But he looked at the old roof and knew that he was in a room!

The other side of Yun’er saw Kai open his eyes, immediately jumped up excitedly, happy to look at Kai said “Brother Kai, you are awake? You’re finally awake ……”

Kai looked at the girl in front of him, a moment of confusion, he did not quite remember this girl, after all, when Kai left Bashi Village, did not have too deep an impression, because he felt that he would not have any more involvement after such a small mountain village!

“Brother Kai, don’t you recognize me? I am Yun’er ah, this is Bashi Village ……”

Yun’er looked at Kai’s confused look and hurriedly said!

Only then did Kai remember, then asked in a daze, “Yun’er, how did I …… end up here?”

Kai could only remember that he had been sucked up by a huge suction force, followed by the shouts of Fire Phoenix, Su Yuqi and the others, chasing after him!

He didn’t know that the black hole was the passage to the Celestial Realm, and now it seems he has arrived in the Celestial Realm!

“Brother Kai, you were badly injured, Brother Ali and I found you when they went hunting, so we saved you, you’ve been unconscious for three days and three nights, I was afraid you wouldn’t wake up!”

Yun’er said!

Kai felt a little bit of strength at that moment, and sat up from the bed with the help of Yun’er, his whole body was still in a bit of a blind state!

Kai carefully recalled everything he could remember!

Aura revived, ask the Daoist clan, Mr. Shi disappeared …………

“Yes, the Divine King’s Bow, where is my Divine King’s Bow?”

Kai suddenly remembered that he hadn’t had time to put the Divine King’s Bow into his storage ring before he fell into a coma, and now that he had arrived in the Celestial Realm, where was the Divine King’s Bow?

He had to know that this was a divine weapon, if he didn’t have the Divine King’s Bow, there was no way for Kai to stop that Ask Haotian!

Although Kai was not strong enough and the Divine King’s Bow failed to hurt Man Hao Tian, the countless arrow feathers stopped Man Hao Tian in his tracks, allowing Mr. Shi to successfully stop the man inside the bronze coffin from coming back to life!

When Yun’er heard this, she knew that Kai was looking for his own weapon and hurriedly said, “Brother Kai, are you looking for your own weapon? I’ve already hidden it for you, I’ll bring it to you ……”

The first thing you need to do is to take out the God King Bow and return it to Kai.

But just as she reached the door, she was blocked in the way by the old woman!

“Granny, Brother Kai is awake, I’ll go and bring him his weapon ……”

Yun’er said happily!

“Yun’er, leave that bow untouched for now, you go out first, I have something to ask him!”

The old woman said!

When Yun’er heard that, she was a bit displeased, after all, that was Kai’s weapon, why not give it to him when he wanted his own weapon?

Seeing that Yun’er did not move, the old woman’s face suddenly turned cold and said, “Go out ……”

The old lady’s sudden reprimand made Yun’er instantly startled and her tears flowed straight out!


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