A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2510

Ah Li looked at Yun’er with a face full of helplessness and finally could only sigh and say “Alright, I’ll carry him back to Bashi Village, but I can’t be sure if I can bring him back to life ……”

The first thing you can do is wipe your tears and look at the King’s bow, then take it into your hand!

She knew it must be Kai’s weapon, so she took it with her, but she didn’t know that this bow was the famous God King’s Bow!

After carrying Kai back to Bashi Village, Yun’er had Ah Li put Kai in his own home!

“Yun’er, I have some herbs here, you can give them to this boy, it’s up to that boy’s fate whether he can live or not.”

“If the boy dies, let me know so I can carry him out and bury him.”

Ally said as he gave Yun’er a packet of herbs.

“Thank you Brother Ally.”

Yun’er said gratefully as she took the herbs!

After Ally left, the blind old lady came out from the other side of the room!

“Yun’er, I heard Ah Li come, what did he say just now? Why did he still say whether he could live or not, and who was injured?”

The old woman asked.

“Granny, it’s Brother Kai.” Yun’er said!

“Brother Kai?” The old woman was confused.

So Yun’er explained carefully, and the old woman realised it was the man who had come some time ago!

“Yun’er, take me to see ……”

The old woman let Yun’er lead the way into the room where Kai was lying!

The old woman went up and probed Kai’s nose and breath, and then took his pulse and said, “This kid is really lucky, his body was almost emptied, and even his essence blood was almost burned up, but I didn’t think he was still alive.”

“Grandma, can Kai wake up?”

Yun’er asked hurriedly.

“Then I don’t know, it depends on his fate, don’t give him any medicine, it won’t work for him at all, just let him lie down properly!”

The old woman said!

But just as the old woman finished speaking, she suddenly frowned and turned her face to the side and said “Yun’er, there is something here, why do I feel that something is wrong?”

Yun’er took a look and found that it was Kai’s bow there, so she said, “Grandma, this is Kai’s brother’s weapon, it’s just a bow, it looks quite broken!”

With that, Yun’er picked up the God King’s bow and handed it to the old woman!

But when the old woman took the God King’s Bow and touched it with her hand, her whole body trembled and the God King’s Bow fell to the ground!

“Granny, what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing how nervous the old woman was, Yun’er hurriedly went forward to support her and asked!

“Oh, nothing, nothing ……”

The old woman shook her head and then said to Yun’er, “Yun’er, hurry up and wrap this bow with a rag and hide it, don’t tell anyone about this, understand?”

Yun’er said with a puzzled look on her face, “Grandma, what’s so different about this bow? Brother Ah Li and the others saw it too.”

“There is nothing different, just listen to me, hurry up ……”

The old woman suddenly said to Yun’er with a stern face!

Seeing this, Yun’er could only obey and wrapped the God King Bow in a rag, then hid it in a hidden place!

As Yun’er walked back, the old woman felt the very faint aura of Kai’s body and muttered, “Who the hell are you? I can’t believe you have the God King’s Bow in your hand, and you’ve been so badly injured.”

“I hope your arrival will not bring destruction to this small mountain village ……”

The old woman said, turned around and groped her way out of the room!

Time passed day by day, and it was three days in the blink of an eye!

In the past three days, Yun’er had taken care of Kai, except that Kai had never come to his senses, his breath was still weak, and he was still in danger of dying at any moment!


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