A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2509

The celestial human realm.

A vast mountain range with ancient trees and dense forests!

And beneath a thick tree, a human figure lies still and motionless, as if dead!

A wild wolf slowly approached, looking warily at the figure, then looked around again, and only after making sure that no one was in ambush did it go up to the figure and gently sniff it with its nose!

The wolf then gently touched the figure with its paws and found that the figure did not move, so it was relieved and opened its bloody mouth to bite down!

But just as the wolf opened its mouth to bite, an arrow suddenly shot over!

Whoosh …………

The arrow feather instantly penetrated into the wolf’s body, and the wounded wolf wailed, abandoned the man in front of him, and turned his head to run!

But from a short distance away five or six men rushed over, all armed, and surrounded the wild wolf!

The wolf was wounded and was quickly killed by the five or six men!

After killing the wolf, several men walked up to the figure!

After looking at the fallen figure on the ground, one of the girls exclaimed, “Brother Kai …………”

This girl was Yun’er whom Kai had saved in the Celestial Realm not long ago!

Today, she had followed Ah Li and some other youths from the village to go hunting, but she didn’t want to save Kai!

At this moment, Kai’s face was incomparably pale, his eyes were tightly closed and his breath was extremely weak, as if he could die at any moment!

When Kai was sucked into the black hole, the God King’s Bow was still lying by his side, before he had time to put it into his storage ring.

“How did this man get so badly injured? The breath on his body was weak, as if his entire body had been drained of Qi!”

Ah Li looked at Kai’s appearance, his brows furrowed tightly.

To know Kai’s strength, which Ah Li had seen with his own eyes, such a powerful person was even so heavily injured, could there be other experts in this vicinity?

Ah Li became wary at this point, their Bashi village lived in this area, relying on hunting and gathering medicine for a living, and had not encountered anyone of particular strength, but now someone of Kai’s strength had been seriously injured, so it was clear that the other party was even stronger!

Now that such an expert had suddenly appeared around the village, Ah Li couldn’t help but be wary. If this man had designs on Bashi Village, it would be the end of their village!

“Quickly take the wild wolf corpse with you, let’s leave here immediately ……”

Ally gave a quick order!

Soon, several people lifted up the carcass of the wild wolf, while Yun’er looked at Ah Li and said “Brother Ah Li, let’s save Brother Kai, right? If it wasn’t for Brother Kai last time, I would have been eaten by a demonic beast!”

Yun’er’s eyes were full of tears as she begged to Ah Li!

Although Kai had saved Yun’er last time and hadn’t done anything to Bashi Village, Ah Li had long been wary of Kai!

This time, he didn’t want to save Kai, nor did he want to cause trouble for Bashi Village, if Kai’s enemies found out, it would be the end of their village!

“Yun’er, it’s not that I don’t want to save, this man was beaten up like this, he must have a deep hatred, if we save him and his enemies find him, our whole Bashi village will be finished ……”

Ah Li said to Yun’er!

The first thing I did was to get to the village, and I knew that this would bring danger to the village.

“Yun’er, this place is full of demonic beasts, if you stay here by yourself, they will definitely eat you, and this man will die right away, we can’t save him!”

Ah Li persuaded to Yun’er!

“If brother Kai dies, then I will die with him, I owe this life to him, since I can’t save him, then I will give it back to him ……”

Yun’er said with a determined face!


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