A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2508

“Master Hu should know about the Celestial Realm, let’s go ask him if he knows how to enter it?”

At this moment Han Qing’er, who hadn’t spoken, spoke up!

“Yes, let’s go ask Grandmaster Hu, I think he has a lot of knowledge!”

Ge Jiayi agreed!

Seeing that everyone said so, Ji Ru Xue took these girls to find Pocky Hu!

When Pocky Hu saw that all of Kai’s women had come to find him, he was a bit vain, he thought these women had found out that he was always eavesdropping on corners!

“Master Hu, we have something we would like to ask you ……”

Ji Ru Xue followed Pocky Hu and told him the whole story.

As soon as Pocky Hu heard that Kai had been sucked away by the black hole and gone to the Celestial Realm, and that he was also seriously injured, his face immediately became anxious.

“I do know something about the Celestial Realm, but to enter the Celestial Realm, you need to reach a certain level of strength, tear apart space-time and open a passage to do so, and with our current strength, I’m afraid we won’t be able to do that!”

After all, Pocky Hu had just followed Kai to the Celestial Realm some time ago, but he was not capable of opening the passage to the Celestial Realm!

Once they heard that they had to be very strong to tear through space and time and open the passage to the Celestial Realm, the few girls all fell silent!

“I’ll ask my father if there’s a way ……”

Ge Yuhan wanted to go ask Ge Cang Sheng if there was a way to open the passage to the Celestial Realm!

After all, Ge Cang Sheng was the strongest here, but Ge Yu Han knew in his own heart that Ge Cang Sheng was also definitely unable to open the time and space passage, if he could, Ge Cang Sheng would have already gone to the Celestial Realm, so why would he aspire to it every day?

But now there is no way out, it is always good to ask one more person!

But just as Ge Yuhan was about to ask his own father, Xing Jun walked in.

“Captain Xing?”

Seeing Xing Jun coming, Ji Ru Xue and the girls were puzzled!

Ji Ru Xue and the girls often went to the Dharma Guardian Pavilion to ask Mr. Shi for advice on cultivation, and they were kind of familiar with Xing Jun following him, but Xing Jun rarely came to the Dragon Sect, so they didn’t understand what Xing Jun was doing here all of a sudden.

“Miss Ruxue, when Mr. Shi was leaving, he had a letter for me to give to you!”

Xing Jun left after giving a letter to Ji Ruxue!

At this moment, the crowd was even more puzzled, not understanding how Mr. Shi, who had already passed away, could prepare a letter for them in advance.

“Open it quickly and take a look ……”

Hu Ma Zi urged anxiously!

Ji Ru Xue hurriedly opened the letter, then a group of people gathered around to watch it!

Upon reading the letter, the crowd looked instantly helpless!

“It’s over, there’s no way for us to save Kai now!”

“How could this happen? Did Mr. Shi expect Kai to be sucked into the Celestial Realm long ago?”

“Mr. Shi is really mysterious, he seems to be able to anticipate things like a god!”

The girls said as you said one thing and I said another!

And because Hu Ma Zi was embarrassed to be among the women, he didn’t see the content of the letter, so he asked anxiously, “What’s going on, what did Mr. Shi say?”

“Mr. Shi said that we should cultivate well, and that there was no way to open the passage between the celestial and mundane worlds within a year, he said that the aura would recover, the laws of heaven and earth would disappear, and the protection mechanism of the mundane world would be opened.”

“And Mr. Shi also said that after a year, he doesn’t know what the secular realm will become, so he told us to cultivate diligently so that we can help Kai in the future, and he also said that Kai won’t be in danger, so we shouldn’t worry!”

Ji Ru Xue briefly told us the contents of the letter!

After listening to it, Hu Ma Zi fell into deep thought, and after a moment said “If there is no this one-year protection period, I really don’t know what the secular world will become, it looks like we should really cultivate well!”

In the year that followed, Hu Pazi indeed began to cultivate like crazy, and did not get close to women for a whole year, all this was an afterthought!


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