A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2507

But before they could run to Kai’s side, they saw a black hole appear above the sky and a huge suction force came and Kai’s body was actually sucked into the black hole!

“Kai ……”

Su Yuqi didn’t hesitate to rush towards the black hole!

“Master ……”

Fire Phoenix also rushed towards the black hole!

And the Great Elder of the Alchemy Sect and the others, looking at the sudden appearance of the black hole, were excited “The passage is open, let’s go ……”

The great elder of the Alchemy Sect said, and took the lead in rushing into the black hole!

Several other elders, as well as those prisoners from the Celestial Realm, all rushed in as well!

Just as these people rushed into the black hole, no one noticed that a cloud of light was also instantly sucked into the black hole where Ning Zhi had fallen.

Yu Qian and the others looked at the passage to the Celestial Realm and froze for a moment!

The Celestial Realm was a place they longed for, but now that the passage was in front of them, they hesitated, they didn’t know if they could survive going to the Celestial Realm with their skills?

And now that the spiritual energy had revived, perhaps it would be a good choice to cultivate in the secular world!

Just as Yu Qian and the others hesitated, Yu Jia Meng unexpectedly took advantage of Yu Qian’s inattention and leapt into that black hole!

“Daughter …………”

Seeing this, Yu Qian instinctively chased after her, trying to catch Yu Jiameng, only that unfortunately, after Yu Jiameng entered the black hole, the black hole instantly disappeared, and Yu Qian wasn’t able to catch it!

Looking at the disappearing black hole, Yu Qian was worried inside, he was worried about Yu Jiameng’s safety!

But now that the black hole had disappeared, it was useless to worry about it!

So Yu Qian and the others followed the people of the Demon Heart Sect and after a glance at each other, they all left!

The Devil’s Envoy was inwardly worried, Kai’s life and death were uncertain, and if the mark in his mind was not removed, he did not know how long he would live!

Soon after, the Devil Envoy also left with the people of the Demon Heart Sect!

“Xiao Ru, let’s go home and tell Sister Ru Xue and the girls ……”

Wu Mei’er called out to Xiao Ru and quickly rushed back to the Dragon Sect in Kyoto as well.

Kyoto Dragon Sect!

Wu Mei’er and Xiao Ru’s return caused the Kyoto Dragon Sect to go straight into chaos!

After learning that Kai had been sucked away by the black hole and that Su Yuqi had jumped into the black hole in order to save Kai, Ji Ru Xue and her group of girls were heartbroken.

“Sister Ru Xue, what the hell should we do? We have to think of a way to save Kai!”

The group of girls all looked at Ji Ruxue.

When Kai was not around, these girls all listened to Ji Ruxue, after all, Ji Ruxue had been the palace master herself and had more experience in handling things!

“We can’t panic now, we can’t rush, we have to be steady, don’t tell our mother about this beforehand, so she won’t be anxious if she finds out!”

Ji Ru Xue spun her brain and said quickly!

Ever since Kai had been married to them, the girls had changed their names to follow Long Ruotong and call her mother!

“What we need to figure out now is, what exactly does that black hole lead to? Without a purpose, there’s no way we can look for it!”

Ge Yuhan said!

“I don’t know where that black hole leads to either, but I did hear them say something about the Celestial Realm, and I don’t really understand it!”

Wu Mei’er didn’t know about the Celestial Realm, it was the first time she had heard of it!

“Celestial Human Realm?” Ji Ru Xue frowned lightly “This place, when I was following Mr. Shi in his training, I did hear him mention it once or twice!”

“I know, this Celestial Human Realm is a holy land for immortal cultivators, I heard that all the cultivators in the secret realm are towards the Outer Celestial Human Realm, but how to get to the Celestial Human Realm, I don’t know anymore!”

Ge Yuhan was from the secret realm after all, so she still had some knowledge of the Celestial Human Realm!

“If you don’t know how to get to the Celestial Human Realm, then how can you save Kai?”

Xiao Lan said!

“Now that Mr. Shi is gone too, who should we ask?”

Ji Ru Xue had a stony face and didn’t know what to do anymore, if Mr. Shi was around, they could go and ask Mr. Shi!


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