A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2506

That pure sword intent just now was the life-preserving sword intent gifted by Elder Jian, which would save Kai’s life when he was in danger!

Without this life-preserving sword intent, Kai would have been reduced to mush by now!

When he saw that Kai was still alive, his eyes were filled with disbelief, but he had no time to deal with Kai now, he had to stop Mr. Shi as soon as possible!

He had to stop Mr. Shi as soon as possible!

The next thing he saw was the huge human face slowly dissipating and disappearing without a trace at the end!

“No ………………”

Asked Haotian, his eyes wide open, his voice hissing, he was unwilling, all those years of planning, only to have it all go down the drain!

“I will kill you, I will kill you ……”

Q Haotian roared, he wanted to kill Mr. Shi immediately!

It was a pity that before asking Hao Tian could strike, his whole body shook and then his body burst into a burning flame.

Ask Haotian had placed the eight trigrams mark on that huge human face, and now that the face was gone, there was no way that Ask Haotian could survive!

It only took a few seconds for Ask Haotian’s body to burn out, leaving not even ashes behind!

It was as if it had vanished into thin air!

At the very moment when Man Hao Tian disappeared, deep within the Fire Burning Clan, a few cries of resignation came out!

Along with the disappearance of the huge human face, the seven-coloured haze on the bronze coffin also slowly went out, followed by the coffin slowly disappearing into thin air!

At the same time, Mr. Shi’s body was also slowly disappearing, and at this moment, Mr. Shi’s body was also becoming fainter and fainter!

“Mr. Shi …………”

Seeing this, Kai used his last strength and leapt straight up to Mr. Shi’s side!

He desperately tried to grab Mr. Shi, but he failed to do so several times in a row.

“No, I can’t let you die, I mustn’t let you die ……”

Kai looked at Mr. Shi who was slowly disappearing, his whole body was as mad as if he was trying his best, he actually kept spurting out his essence blood, making it burn around so as to block Mr. Shi’s disappearance!

But to no avail, Mr. Shi’s body was still slowly fading!

“No …………”

Kai shouted, tears spurting out of his eyes!

Over these times, Kai had received a lot of care from Mr. Shi, and at this time, Kai had already regarded Mr. Shi as his own family!

Now that he was watching his loved one perish before his eyes, how could he not feel bad!

“Kai, you don’t have to feel bad, we will see each other again, you have to work hard to cultivate, I will wait for you ……”

Mr. Shi smiled and said to Kai!

It was as if Mr. Shi wasn’t afraid of his own death at all!

As Kai watched, Mr. Shi’s last figure disappeared and the entire sky regained its peace!

And just after Mr. Shi’s body disappeared, in a deep mountain residence in the Celestial Realm, a middle-aged man who looked exactly like Mr. Shi opened his eyes in his study at that moment!

This middle-aged man’s face was very pale, and there was a trace of blood coming out of the corner of his mouth!

“Mr. Shi, I have gathered all the people in the mansion back ……”

At this moment, an old butler pushed the door in, looked at Mr. Shi’s face for a moment, and then said!

“Tell them not to move around freely outside these days, the Celestial Realm might be about to undergo a major reshuffle ……”

Mr. Shi said indifferently!

“As ordered ……” The old butler retreated!

And Mr. Shi went to the window, pushed it open, looked at the sky and muttered “Kai, can you still hold on? The truth is getting closer and closer, and it will be more and more dangerous, I hope you can hold on to the end!”

At this moment in the secular world, Kai could no longer bear it and fell from mid-air. The weakness of his body, coupled with the mental shock, put him into a near coma!

“Master ……”

“Kai ……”

Su Yuqi, Fire Phoenix and the others all ran towards Kai!


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