A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2504

Kai was anxious when he saw that the fire phoenix had also been knocked down.

“He must not be allowed to stop Shi, or else the whole secular world will suffer ……”

Kai yelled, about to break free from Su Yuqi and rush towards that Ask Haotian!

At this moment, the sword spirit Zhong Li instantly appeared and went straight for that Wen Haotian!

“Kai, you’re badly injured now, I’ll go ……”

Su Yuqi handed Kai over to Wu Mei’er and leapt up as well!

“I’ll go too ……” Yu Jia Meng also followed suit and leapt up!

After all, Kai had saved them, and now at this time Yu Jiameng certainly couldn’t ignore it!

“Daughter ……”

Yu Qian saw this and shouted, then said “Several people, things have come to this, we can’t let the secular world be destroyed even if we have to fight for our lives ……”


“Let’s go too, this guy has imprisoned us for so many years, and it’s time for us to take revenge.”

After the Great Elder of the Alchemy Sect finished speaking, he led a few brothers to also charge up, while the others responded in droves!

At this point, only the members of the Demonic Heart Sect were left staring wide-eyed, looking at each other in disbelief!

“Brothers, we’ve been hoodwinked for so many years, now we’re going to demand a statement, and if the secular world is destroyed, we’ll die without a burial place too.”

“Charge up with me ……”

The devil ambassador raised his arms and brought the crowd from the Devil Heart Sect to leap into the mid-air as well!

These people formed a human wall in front of Shi, blocking the approach of Ask Haotian!

Looking at the crowd in front of him, he said with a cold look in his eyes, “Just a bunch of ants, you still want to regret the elephant?”

Even if there are many ants, they are still ants after all!

The sword spirit, Zhong Li, took the lead and struck out with his sword, while the others attacked towards him!

Countless spells, spiritual energy, and weapons of all kinds, smashed towards the body of Man Haotian!

Asking Haotian coldly snorted, followed by a faint layer of light enveloping his body, instantly dissolving all the attacks.

Then with a flick of his palm, a vast Qi blew towards the crowd.

The wall of people that had formed was instantly blown apart by this vast Qi, and many of them fell from mid-air, losing their lives instantly!

Although there were many of them, they were really nothing more than ants in front of Ask Haotian!

Although the Great Elder of the Alchemy Sect was quite strong, after all, he had been imprisoned for so many years and was still physically injured, so he could not bring his full strength into play!

At this moment, Shi was still quietly blocking the light, except that Shi’s face had become very ugly, and the aura on his body was disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye!

“As I said, no one can stop my plan ……”

Asked Hao Tian, his eyes slightly glued, and he slapped his palm at Mr. Shi!

But just as Ask Haotian struck out, there was a sudden blackness before his eyes, followed by a huge bell snapping backwards towards him!

Ask Haotian’s body was directly snapped inside, and he fell towards the ground rapidly!

Boom! …………

The dragon bell fell to the ground, suppressing Qiu Haotian with it!

“Dragon Tattoo Bell …………”

Yu Qian and the others were all startled when they saw the Dragon Tattooed Bell appear, and then looked at Kai!

They could only see a red flame mark flickering on Kai’s forehead, while the dragon crystal inside him was also flickering brightly!

Kai’s eyes were red, and with the bell hammer in his hand, he was heading towards the dragon bell!

“This Kai has actually started burning his essence blood, does he not want to live anymore?”

Seeing Kai burning his essence blood, several elders of the Alchemy Sect were all stunned!

Kai, on the other hand, took three steps and two steps to the Dragon Pattern Bell, and fiercely struck down with a hammer!

Buzz …………

The dragon bell emitted a loud buzzing sound, and even Yu Qian and the others, who were far away, could not help but cover their ears!

One can only imagine the tremors that would be experienced within the Dragon Tattooed Bell!

“Hahahaha, as good as this Dragon Tattoo Bell is, it’s a pity that you kid can’t use its full power.”

Inside the Dragon Tattooed Bell, Ask Hao Tian actually laughed out loud, it was obvious that this hammer hadn’t caused him any effect!


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