A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2503

“I am not going to let you stop it, I have been laying this out for decades and it will never be destroyed at your hands ……”

Ask Hao Tian said, his whole body rose up in the air, followed by his hands forming a seal, a huge set of eight trigrams appeared, followed by the huge eight trigrams printed on top of the huge human face!

Immediately after that the expression of the human face began to change continuously, and finally opened his mouth in anger, and from it spurted out a hot light that shone on top of that bronze coffin!

The seven-coloured haze of light followed the light emitted from the man’s mouth, causing the bronze coffin to shake violently, and an extremely terrifying aura emanated from the coffin!

Seeing this, Mr. Shi waved his sleeve and robe, and a gust of wind rose to the ground, instantly blowing Man Hao Tian backwards!

“I will never let you have your way, if the person within this bronze coffin is resurrected, that will be the day the secular world will truly perish.”

After Mr. Shi finished speaking, he then leapt on top of that bronze coffin, followed by Mr. Shi pulling out a bronze mirror from his pocket, the light shone on it and reflected back directly!

The huge human face, after being reflected by the light, became hideous in its expression, and at that moment, various images began to flash in Mr. Shi’s bronze mirror!

The images were filled with spiritual treasures flying and glowing, and all kinds of charms and spells were interwoven into a brilliant light!

While Mr. Shi was using the bronze mirror to block the light, the seven-coloured haze from the bronze coffin shone on Mr. Shi’s back, and the corners of his eyes twitched slightly, but he didn’t move!

“I will never let you stop my plans ……”

Asking Hao Tian roared in anger, his whole body rushed towards Mr. Shi, while Mr. Shi didn’t move a muscle.

“Mr. Shi …………”

Seeing this, Kai instinctively rushed over.

Kai’s entire body was covered in golden scaly armour, and the Dragon Chopper sword in his hand erupted with a burst of dragon roar!

Brush …………

Kai blocked in front of Shi and slashed his sword towards Ask Haotian!

A golden dragon roared out, the harsh sword qi transforming into a golden dragon and heading straight for that great power!

But the mighty man seemed unconcerned, and with a flick of his hand, the harsh sword energy was instantly dissolved, and the golden dragon disappeared in an instant!

But a huge force came towards Kai, hitting him hard!

Boom …………

The imperishable golden body on Kai’s body instantly shattered, turning into powder and being blown away by a gust of wind!

And like a kite with a broken string, Kai’s body flew far away, before smashing heavily in front of the crowd!

“Kai …………”

Everyone looked nervously at Kai, who by now was already more than ten metres deep underground!

“Master ……”

With a twist of its body, the fire phoenix transformed into a phoenix, flashing its huge wings and spitting out a ball of flame from its mouth, heading straight for that Ask Haotian!

While Yu Qian and Su Yuqi and the others rushed to save Kai from the deep pit!

At this moment, even the Demon Ambassador looked at Kai and became very nervous, he didn’t want Kai to die either!

And those members of the Demon Heart Sect, now knowing that their great powers were fake and were fooling them in order to get them to die, all of them lost their fighting spirit and stopped fighting!

After Kai was rescued, his eyes were wide open, and although his face was very ugly, he could not see any injuries!

Kai got up furiously, he must not let that ask Hao Tian to strike at Shi!

But as soon as Kai got up, a mouthful of black blood spurted out, and Kai’s face became even more unsightly!

“Kai ……” Su Yuqi hurriedly held Kai, her face full of heartache!

Just at that moment, a phoenix sounded!

Followed by a loud sound, the crowd rushed to look and found the huge body of the fire phoenix, descending from the sky and falling heavily to the ground, directly turning back into its human form!


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