A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2502

“Can you feel the scent of the human face that appears in mid-air?”

Mr. Shi did not answer Kai, but asked him.

Kai nodded and said “Yes ……”

“Then you should feel it with your heart ……”

Mr. Shi said.

Kai slightly closed his eyes, the divine sense in his mind instantly emanated, and then felt the aura emanating from that human face!

Soon, Kai’s brow furrowed, and cold sweat had already appeared on his forehead!

“What did you feel, tell me ……”

Mr Shi asked.

“I felt a very odd aura emanating from this human face, it was very mixed up and seemed to encompass everything, I even felt my own aura in this human face’s aura!”

Kai said with some pain!

“This human face that has appeared has been coalesced using the breath of all of you, your fighting breath, your anger, including the souls of those who have died, have all been absorbed into this human face!”

“The reason why you were able to easily save people from the Demon Heart Sect dungeon was because Ask Hao Tian did it on purpose, if he didn’t want you to save people, with your strength, could you possibly save people from the Demon Heart Sect dungeon?”

“Don’t you think about those people from the eight secret realms and why they are being held in the third level dungeon? Are these people really that important?”

“Actually, it’s not, but this Ask Haotian deliberately locked them up in the third level, and you will pass through the first two levels if you go to rescue them, and you will rescue the people held inside!”

“And all he needs is for you to rescue the people and bring them here, as for these people from the Demon Heart Sect, they are just a pawn, their death or survival doesn’t matter, whether they are dead or alive, they will become resources in the hands of Ask Haotian!”

“Whether you can understand or not, but you have to remember one thing, the hearts of the celestial realm will be more complicated than you can imagine ……”

Mr. Shi’s words instantly made Kai freeze on the spot, only now did he understand why his rescue had gone so well, why Yu Qian and his family had been locked up on the third level, why these people who were from the Celestial Realm were locked up in the Demon Heart Sect dungeon!

And those who were from the Demon Heart Sect, and the Demon Envoys including Yu Qian and a few of them, looked at asked Hao Tian in shock!

It turned out that everything they had done was just a pawn, all just waiting for this day to come!

Looking at those people who died on the ground, suddenly everyone’s heart felt like a needle had been stuck in it!

“Why, why on earth, what was he doing for so long in his painstaking layout?”

Kai didn’t understand, this Ask Haotian didn’t even care about his own sect disciples, and he had disguised himself as a great power to run the Demon Heart Sect for more than ten years, even Yu Qian and the others had been deceived for so many years!

What on earth was it for?

“Because he wants to resurrect the person in the bronze coffin!” Mr. Shi slowly raised his head and looked towards the bronze coffin that was wrapped in a seven-coloured haze!

Kai took a look at the bronze coffin and said curiously, “Who is inside the coffin? Is it worth asking Haotian to lay out for so long?”

The others also stared at Mr. Shi, they also wanted to know who was inside the bronze coffin, and why did this man ask Hao Tian to hide it for so long!

Mr. Shi smiled faintly “This is not something you should know, when you should know, someone will naturally tell you ……”

The first thing you need to do is to find out what you are doing.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.

“Since I’m here, I’ll definitely be able to stop ……”

Mr. Shi said with a confident face.

“What method do you use to stop it?” Asked Haotian, puzzled.

“My life …….”

As soon as Mr. Shi’s words left his mouth, Ask Haotian’s face changed dramatically!


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