A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2501

Looking at the old man who appeared, everyone was stunned, none of them had expected that the great power of the Demon Heart Sect would be a kindly looking old man!

Even the demon envoy was astonished, he had followed the great power for many years and this was the first time he had seen the appearance of a great power!

“Mr. Shi, what the …… hell is going on here?”

Kai was completely dumbfounded, it looked like Mr. Shi knew this Demon Heart Sect great power and could even call out his name.

There was also Mr. Shi’s claim that the Great Aura Recovery Formation was a scam, what was going on here?

“Don’t you understand? Who laid this so-called Great Aura Recovery Formation?”

Mr Shi asked to Kai.

“It was laid down by the Asking Dao Sect.” Kai replied!

“Don’t you find it strange that a great formation laid by the Questioning Dao Sect can be activated by a great power of the Demon Heart Sect?”

Mr. Shi said!

At this moment, Kai personally fell into a dumbfounded state, he felt that his brain was somewhat inadequate!

But soon, Kai seemed to remember something and instantly opened his eyes wide to look at that Ask Haotian “He …… is he the Asking Sect Patriarch?”

At this moment, Kai remembered the first time he came to the secret realm of the Question Dao Sect and used that Wordless Heavenly Book to see the sight of the Question Dao Sect!

At that time, the Asking Dao Sect was peaceful, but in the blink of an eye people had all disappeared, and the Asking Dao Sect had all these more stone statues and this so-called Spiritual Qi Recovery Formation!

Mr. Shi did not reply to Kai’s words, but looked at Wen Haotian and said, “Is it worth sacrificing all the people of the sect, setting up this formation, and laying out the Demon Heart Sect for years?”

“Of course it’s worth it, this is my mission, you don’t understand ……”

Asked Hao Tian!

“Mission?” Mr. Shi frowned slightly and his face began to turn ugly “You let so many people be buried with you just for the sake of your mission, to save one damned person? Do you know how many people you have killed?”

Mr. Shi looked at the pieces of corpses on the ground, all of them died because of this Ask Hao Tian!

“You don’t have to say anymore, it’s useless to say anything else, there are some things that will never have the truth, some things that you can never stop!”

The sky that was originally clear became dim and dark instantly as he asked Haotian to finish his sentence!

And in the middle of the sky, a black mist appeared, which slowly transformed into a huge incomparable human face, with a dazzling light shining at the place of one pair of eyes!

When this face appeared, everyone felt an unprecedented crisis!

The mouth of the human face slowly opened and a bronze coffin flew out of the mouth, and the moment the coffin appeared, the stone statues on the ground began to shake violently!

The moment the coffin appeared, the stone statues on the ground began to tremble violently, and eight rays of light of different colours instantly flew out from the eight stone statues, and then converged in the air, directly enveloping the coffin.

The coloured light wrapped around the bronze coffin, causing it to hover in mid-air, while the eight stone statues slowly disappeared, and Su Yuqi and the girls all fell out of them!

“Yuqi ……”

Seeing Su Yuqi and the girls fall out, Kai hurriedly went forward to check!

However, apart from their breath being a little weak, Su Yuqi and the girls did not have any life-threatening condition, which made Kai put his mind at ease.

“Mr. Shi, what the hell is this …… situation?”

Kai was full of confusion, his entire body was now dumbfounded.

Not only him, even everyone at the scene was dumbfounded!

Especially the Demon Heart Sect and Yu Qian and the others, they had all run for the Aura Recovery Formation to follow the great power, and those disciples of the Demon Heart Sect all thought that the great power was their leader!

But in the end, it turned out that this great power was someone from the Taoist Sect, and all of them from the Demonic Heart Sect were kept in the dark!

Especially the Demon Envoy, who had followed Mighty Mighty the most and now it seemed that everything Mighty Mighty had said was false!


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