A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2500

Instead, this one dragon and one phoenix launched a direct attack, and Ning Zhi saw it and leapt up to avoid the attack.

But that unicorn and a few other demonic beasts were in trouble!

The dragon and the phoenix were like wolves entering a flock of sheep, killing several demonic beasts, and soon their huge bodies all collapsed straight down.

Seeing this, Ning Zhi actually leapt towards that great power, now that Kai was protected by two divine beasts, a dragon and a phoenix, and even the sword spirit Zhong Li, Ning Zhi knew that he was no match for Kai!

But just as Ning Zhi Ning Zhi tried to flee towards the great power, a dragon and a phoenix instantly blocked Ning Zhi’s path!

And Kai took the opportunity to leap up, followed by a slap towards Ning Zhi!

Ning Zhi felt a strong wind coming from behind him, so he dodged in fear and looked towards the Mighty in mid-air and called for help, “Mighty, save me ……”

This dragon and phoenix, together with Kai, Ning Zhi knew that he was no match for him, and if Da Neng didn’t save him, then he would be dead!

But who knows, the great power did not move, did not even look at that Ning Zhi, but slightly tilted his head, staring blankly at the sky!

Boom …………

Kai slapped his palm right onto Ning Zhi’s body, and Ning Zhi fell with a crash, smashing his entire body into a deep crater on the ground as a cloud of smoke rose into the sky!

Seeing this scene, many people were frozen, the strength Kai had displayed had exceeded their imagination!

Whether it was the elders of the Alchemy Sect, or Yu Qian and several of their purple-robed emissaries, no one had expected Kai’s strength to be so strong, a sixth rank of the Realm of Transformation Kai was protected by a divine beast, they didn’t know just how many means Kai had to save his life!

As Ning Zhi plunged deep into the ground, the golden dragon slowly disappeared after a dragon roar, while the fire phoenix reassumed its human form and stood by Kai’s side!

“Ning Zhi is dead, you are next, I don’t care how great your skills are, you and I will have to come to an end after all.”

Kai looked towards the great power, his eyes firm!

Although he had failed to stop the revival of the aura, he would have to find a way to kill the great power before he could do so, otherwise the secular world would be a sea of corpses and blood!

Hearing Kai’s words, the great power slowly lowered his slightly raised head and gave Kai a faint look “You are not worthy to fight me yet ……”

“Whether you are worthy or not, you will only know if you try ……”

Kai grabbed his right hand and the Dragon Cutting Sword instantly appeared in his hand, surrounded by the power of the divine Dragon, the Dragon Cutting Sword emitted a burst of humming!

“He is indeed right, you are not worthy to fight him right now ……”

Just as Kai was about to make a move against the great power, a familiar voice came out!

Kai hurriedly turned his head to look and found that Mr. Shi was walking over with a calm demeanor and a calm demeanor!

“Mr. Shi ……”

Kai was surprised, he didn’t understand how Mr. Shi could appear here?

“You can stand down ……”

Mr. Shi said with a faint smile towards Kai!

“Mr. Shi, now that the Great Aura Recovery Formation is activated, the entire secular world has already experienced aura recovery, if you had come a little earlier, you might have been able to stop the aura recovery.”

Kai did not understand why Mr. Shi did not come earlier.

But who knew that Mr. Shi shook his head and smiled, “Even if I had come earlier, I would not have been able to stop the revival of the aura, the revival of the aura is the order of heaven, the order of heaven cannot be disobeyed.”

“And this so-called aura recovery formation is just a lie ……”

After Mr. Shi finished, he then looked at the great power and said “Am I right? Ask Hao Tian?”

Just as Mr. Shi’s words landed, he only saw that great power tremble slightly, obviously a little surprised!

“I didn’t expect you to already know ……”

The great power smiled faintly, and then the black robe on his body slowly disappeared, and his figure, which was hidden, began to become solid.

Soon an old man with white hair and a long beard appeared in front of Kai and the others!


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