A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2499

For the scene around had long since changed, and was no longer the scene in the secret realm of the Qidao Sect!

When Yu Qian and the others heard the Fire Phoenix’s words, they were all shocked as well!

They had always dreamed of the revival of spiritual energy, but now that it had really revived, they were not happy at all, but had a deep sense of crisis instead!

After the revival of spiritual energy, the secret realm would collapse, and then all their relatives would be exposed to the secular world, and there was no telling what kind of bloody storm would be stirred up in the secular world then!

“How could this happen? How could this happen? After all, we haven’t been able to stop the aura recovery, but there’s no sign of the aura recovery formation being activated?”

Kai couldn’t understand, the Aura Recovery Formation didn’t show any signs of activation, and he and Ning Zhi were also part of the formation’s activation, now that the two of them were fighting, the Aura Recovery Formation couldn’t be activated, right?

He looked at the great power in mid-air, whose body was still floating in mid-air, without any expression or movement!

Kai’s brow was furrowed, and he suddenly had a very bad feeling in his heart, knowing that the Great Power had gone to great lengths to revive the spiritual energy in the secular world, but now, after the spiritual energy had been revived, this calm behaviour of the Great Power made Kai a bit puzzled!

“Hahahaha, the aura has recovered, Kai your value is at an end, today you will die ……”

It was only then that Ning Zhi also realized that the secret realm of the Qidao Sect had unknowingly disappeared, and that the entire secular world’s aura had quietly revived!

Now that the aura had revived, Kai would not have the slightest value in the hearts of the great powers, then he could kill Kai without a care in the world!

The next thing he saw was Ning Zhi’s body trembling, followed by five drops of essence blood flying out from his brow, the essence blood flew towards the black hole, immediately afterwards the void began to tremble, accompanied by a loud roar, five demonic beasts with huge bodies emerged from the black hole!

The strength of these demonic beasts was the same as the Unicorn at the beginning, all of them were at the Transformation Realm level.

Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly, this Ning Zhi had recruited six Realm of Transformation demonic beasts in one go, this made Kai’s pressure increase dramatically, although he had the Fire Phoenix around, the strength of the Fire Phoenix was much stronger than these demonic beasts, but he could not resist the number of the opponent!

“Kai, I will have you buried in the belly of a demonic beast ……”

Ning Zhi finished his sentence and directly commanded the Unicorn to charge towards Kai, while the other five demonic beasts raged towards Kai and surrounded him as well!

Seeing this, Yu Qian and the Alchemy Sect elders wanted to give Kai a hand, but before they could do so, they were stopped dead by those from the Demon Heart Sect!

The fire phoenix turned and then transformed into a flaming phoenix, waving its huge wings and blocking Kai behind it!

The Sword Spirit, Zhong Li, also instantly emerged from his body, holding his sword in a deadly manner, blocking Kai!

“Kai, even if you have the means, it’s useless now in the face of absolute strength.”

Ning Zhi said arrogantly!

Kai did not speak, but the dragon crystal on his chest began to flicker continuously, and the piercing golden light shot straight up to the clouds!

This golden light fell into the void, followed by a tremor, and a huge golden dragon slowly descended from the sky!

With a dragon roar, the golden dragon’s entire body glowed with golden light, shocking everyone!

A dragon and a phoenix protected Kai, while the sword spirit Zhong Li stayed close to Kai, blocking the damage that was to come!

Looking at the dragon and phoenix, the demonic beasts summoned by Ning Zhi instantly shivered in fear and retreated!

The dragon and the phoenix were divine beasts, not demonic beasts, and the aura of a divine beast was no match for these demonic beasts!

No matter how Ning Zhi drove the Unicorn and the other demonic beasts, these demonic beasts just didn’t dare to come forward!


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