A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2498

Kai’s entire brow furrowed as he heard the words of the Great Elder of the Weapon Refining Sect!

He had not expected that the demonic beast that this Ning Zhi had recruited belonged to the Celestial Realm, so wouldn’t this black hole be the passage from the Secular Realm to the Celestial Realm?

But Kai looked at the black hole carefully, but it didn’t look like a passage, it was very calm within the black hole, no turbulence appeared, nor was there any fluctuation!

Just as Kai was feeling incredulous, Ning Zhi commanded the Unicorn to charge towards Kai!

The Unicorn spewed out a huge ice fog towards Kai, which rolled in like a huge wave and surrounded Kai instantly!

Frost was forming around Kai, and he was like an ice sculpture!

Even some of the people on the ground, who were too late to dodge, were instantly frozen!

For a moment, everyone was filled with shock and desperately tried to stay away from the unicorn, while those from the Demonic Heart Sect, seeing this, once again launched an attack towards the Great Elder of the Alchemy Sect and the others!

The melee began again, the sounds of killing, roars and the clashing of weapons were woven into a tragic symphony!

Ning Zhi looked at the frozen Kai, with a bit of disdain in his eyes, he had quite a few tricks up his sleeve, this unicorn was just one of them!

While Kai was being frozen and the crowd was fighting, the entire Daoist Sect was undergoing a radical change!

The scene around them had all changed, but no one noticed, they were only concerned with killing each other, with saving their own lives and killing their enemies!

Looking at the changing scenery around them, the calm great power finally had a faint smile at this moment!

Ning Zhi commanded the unicorn and slammed it towards Kai, who at this moment was already sealed in ice and had no way to dodge, and with this slam, it shattered Kai!

But just as the unicorn was about to smash into Kai, a clear cry resounded through the heavens and the earth!

A fire phoenix covered in golden feathers appeared, its body was huge and it was burning with flames!

As the wings of the phoenix stirred, a wave of heat swept out, and wherever the heat wave passed, the coldness instantly disappeared, and those who were frozen on the ground were instantly unsealed!

Ning Zhi’s unicorn felt the heat wave coming and instinctively retreated backwards, while the frozen Kai also regained his freedom at this moment!

When the Great Elder of the Alchemy Sect looked at the fire phoenix that had suddenly appeared, they all drew in a cold breath and said, “A divine beast fire phoenix? This is the supreme divine beast of the Celestial Human Realm, how could it be here?”

All the people from the Celestial Realm were shocked, they couldn’t understand how there could be so many divine beasts from the Celestial Realm in this secular world!

With a reversal of its body, the Fire Phoenix transformed into a human form and stood beside Kai!

This time the confrontation was clearly better for the fire phoenix, Ning Zhi’s unicorn ran into the fire phoenix’s heat wave aura and dared not move forward!

“Fire Phoenix, what brings you here?”

Kai felt very surprised to see the sudden appearance of the Fire Phoenix!

After all, this Secret Realm of the Daoist Sect was not something that could just be entered, and how did this Fire Phoenix find the entrance to the Secret Realm of the Daoist Sect?

“I sensed that your aura was in danger, so I came here ……”

The fire phoenix explained.

“Then how did you enter the secret realm of the Questioning Sect?” Kai was puzzled, knowing that there was no teleportation array for the Demon Beast Secret Realm to follow the Mystic Realm of the Daoist Sect!

“The Questioning Sect Secret Realm?” Fire Phoenix was stunned, then said “Where is there any secret realm, now the secret realm has all collapsed, the secular world has recovered its spiritual energy, the place we are now is not a secret realm either ……”

When the fire phoenix said this, Kai was shocked and when he looked around, his whole body was stunned!


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