A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2497

As the smoke and dust slowly cleared, Kai’s figure emerged, leaping straight up from the deep pit!

Although Ning Zhi’s sword had just been incredibly powerful, it had failed to injure Kai.

When he saw that Kai had not been injured, Ning Zhi, who had been so happy and arrogant, suddenly froze his smile on his face!

When Yu Qian and the others saw this, they were also incredulous.

Yu Qian himself thought that if it had been him, if he had fought that sword hard, he would have been seriously injured, even if he didn’t die!

But Kai wasn’t hurt at all, a brilliant golden light surrounded Kai’s body, he was like a golden-armored god of war!

“You are too weak, you have to admit your incompetence ……”

Kai looked at Ning Zhi and said with a disdainful smile.

“Ah …… I will kill you ……”

Ning Zhi was mad, completely mad, he was pissed off at Kai!

But just as Ning Zhi was about to strike at Kai again, he suddenly felt a strong wind whistling above his head.

Ning Zhi tilted his head to see that a sword mane had arrived in an instant, Ning Zhi simply had no time to dodge and was directly struck by that sword mane.

“Ah …………”

Only a miserable cry was heard from Ning Zhi as his body fell heavily downwards.

The sword aura dissipated, while Ning Zhi’s body disappeared as well.

“That Ning Zhi couldn’t have been killed just like that, could he? Evaporated straight away?”

Wind Realm Smoke gulped in disbelief!

One had to know that with Ning Zhi’s strength, of the six purple-robed emissaries they had, apart from Yu Qian who was able to follow through with a fight, several of the others were no match for Ning Zhi!

But now Ning Zhi, who was at the peak of the Realm of Transformation, had been vaporised in Kai’s hands!

“Kai, that’s terrifying ……”

Yu Qian muttered!

At this moment, the sword spirit, Zhong Li, instantly transformed into the Zhan Long Sword after a sword’s hand and returned to Kai’s hand!

And the great power that watched Ning Zhi disappear, suspended in mid-air, without the slightest change in expression!

Kai held the Dragon Chopping Sword and looked towards the great power as a divine dragon’s power continued to be injected within the Dragon Chopping Sword!

And the divine King’s Bow and the Dragon Tattooed Bell in the storage ring were ready at all times!

Kai knew that to deal with the Great Power, he would have to use all his means!

But just as Kai was ready to strike at the great power, a black dot suddenly appeared in the void, followed by a black dot that grew larger and larger!

As the black dot continued to expand, a figure stepped out from within!

“Kai, I am not that easy to kill.”

Ning Zhi’s eyes were like a torch, the black starburst at his brow had disappeared, and it seemed that it was this black starburst that had saved Ning Zhi’s life!

Looking at Ning Zhi, who was not dead, Kai did not show the slightest bit of surprise!

If Ning Zhi could be killed so easily, I guess the great powers wouldn’t have spent a lot of resources to train him!

“If I can’t kill you once, then I’ll kill you ten times, I’d like to see how many other means you have to save your life!”

Kai said with a cold smile!

“You won’t be able to kill me a second time ……”

As Ning Zhi finished speaking, he let out a roar, followed by a drop of bright red blood floating out from his brow, which floated directly into the black hole that Ning Zhi had just walked out of!

Along with the drop of blood floating in, a deafening roar came out, followed by the sight of a huge body slowly stepping out from the black hole.

With the appearance of the huge body, heaven and earth instantly changed colour and the crowd felt a terrifying pressure!

A unicorn?

Kai looked at the huge body that came out and it was a unicorn, a unicorn whose body was over ten metres tall and whose snout was full of icy cold air spewing out!

Ning Zhi leapt up onto the unicorn’s body.

“This is a one-horned demonic beast of the Celestial Realm, belonging to the ice attribute and capable of freezing everything ……”

The moment the Grand Elder of the Alchemy Sect saw the unicorn beast, his entire being was shocked, and he immediately said loudly to Kai!


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